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Stars-Ducks Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes following Friday’s Dallas Stars-Anaheim Ducks game which the Stars won 2-1. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On tonight’s game:

“It was a hard game and both teams had a lot at stake. Our leaders came through for us and our power play came through for us but every game is probably going to feel and look like that for the rest of the year. It’s a demanding time for everybody right now.”

On switching up the lines:

“I thought the table flipped a little when we flipped the lines, there was a different energy out there. I thought as the game went on we showed a lot more offensive determination and tenacity. We drew some penalties because of it. I thought we looked relentless and that’s the way we’re going to have to play. We relied all year on our big boys to come through at the right time and that’s exactly what they did today.”

On the Dickinson line:

“I thought (Jason) Dickinson’s line was good tonight. The line in general gave us really good momentum.  ((Remi) Elie was good, our role players were good. I thought (Gemel) Smith was good he was tenacious, he was on top of people and using his speed to check. I think that’s Gemel’s game. He’s got to use his speed to check and that’s exactly what he did. That’s what we’re going to need every night. I think there’s more they can do offensively and we want to sit down with them and see if we can figure out how we can help them out there. Overall we had a lot of participants tonight and we needed it and so did they. They knew what was at stake and when you’ve got two teams this late in the season trying for points both know there is going to be some critical games coming up.”

On Marc Methot and Mattias Janmark:

“Janmark was sick with the flu and Methot just was too sore.  The knee injury was too sore to play today. It was okay in the morning but it got weaker as the day went on and he just wasn’t to push.Everybody is on the trip and we’ll sort it out from there. Ben (Bishop) is on the trip with us and we’ll see when we get back on the ice with him but right now everybody that was here will be on the trip and obviously Janmark will hopefully join us soon.

On the team’s win despite injuries:

“It was the suddenness. You leave pregame skate with a lineup that you’re pretty sure is going to be there and then you show up to the rink and you find out one guy is out. Then you’ve got a bunch of meetings because he’s on both ends of special teams. So now you’re changing lines and then you lose a guy in warmups and the guys are wandering what’s going on here. I thought our guys calmed it down and settled down to get focused on playing but when you pull two guys from 5:00PM on that are big parts of it, it is an emotional drawback.”

Stars Captain Jamie Benn

On the emotional importance of tonight’s game:

“It was huge. I think we stuck with our game and found a way to draw a couple penalties with some hard work from our guys. We found a way to take advantage. The main part is we stuck with our game for 60 minutes and got a big two points.”

On Devin Shore’s power play goal:

“It wasn’t going well for probably 1:57 of that [powerplay]. Once again, we stuck with it. It was nice to get that one. We heard the boo birds coming out there from our fans. But I think we put a smile on their faces and got them pretty excited which was great.”

On carrying momentum into the upcoming road trip:

“I said this morning, it’s absolutely amazing playing in front of our fans. Now we get to go into other buildings. A lot of buildings with good atmospheres so it’s going to be playoff-like. It’ll be fun to try and be the enemy and find a way to get as many points as we can.”

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin

On the importance of tonight’s victory:

“Obviously a great feeling to get those two points. This is a long and pretty critical road trip coming up away from home. I thought tonight our crowd was great, especially in the third. We had a feeling it was going to take all night. The guys stayed patient and we’re happy our power play came through.”

On Shore’s power play goal:

“It could’ve been a different message when we got back to the bench, so we were happy that puck went it. It was a long effort there, but we found a way, we stuck with it. That whole game was about sticking with it. They’re a good hockey club over there. There’s not much space. There’s no real odd-man rushes, it feels like they’re always in your face. We knew it was going to take all night, so, happy with it.”

On not getting frustrated after not being able to score earlier in the game:

“I kind of just figured it. I think Anaheim’s the only team I haven’t scored against, so I was kind of expecting not to score tonight. I’m trying to look for my teammates a little more. The hockey gods don’t like me scoring against these guys. There’s a lot of things inside the game to focus on. Happy our power play came through. It was all about second efforts and third efforts and that’s why we won tonight.”

Stars Forward Devin Shore

On scoring his goal:

“It felt really good. [Jamie Benn] played amazing tonight, so did Kari. We knew we were getting our chances going into the third. We had to get at least one and I thought we worked the puck around pretty well on that power play. On those tip plays there was a great look by Seguin. A little bit of luck is involved just because you have your stick there and you just let him hit it. I was really happy it found the back of the net because you can only do so much in those high tips. Takes a bit of luck too. So it felt really good.”

On not getting frustrated with shots being blocked:

“I think you just have to trust our game plan. We know what works. We’ve kind of forged an identify throughout the season and we know what makes our team successful. I think when you’re playing well, like I thought we were throughout that game, but not getting the end result, the worst thing you can do is get frustrated and stray from the game plan. I think all you can do is stick to it and trust that if you stick to it it’ll pay off. It took the power play to do that tonight. Obviously, I thought we could’ve scored five-on-five, but both goalies were really good. At the end of the day we got the end result and that’s all that matters.”

On the importance of this win heading into the road trip:

“It’s big. You want to defend home ice throughout the entire season. Naturally, games just get bigger as games go along. We’re going to have to do some good work here on the road. But, for tonight at least we’re feeling good going into the road trip, and then put it behind us and prepare for the next one.”

Ducks Head Coach Randy Carlyle

Thoughts on the two deflection goals:

“Yeah, I mean they made good plays but we stopped playing, we got out shot seventeen to five. We just started to slap the puck around—we knew they were going to come with a push in the second period. Their goal differential is something like twenty goals. And that’s their strongest period, and they came with a push. We stayed out of the box and then we finally took a penalty. That gives them an opportunity—we are two seconds away from killing it and they find a way to make a big time play with the deflection. The other was basically the same thing. We got beat in the neutral ice with a pass, which we should have never gotten beat there. Klingberg was allowed to walk to the middle of the ice and Benn got a stick on it. Basically that was it for the hockey game. We had a chance with the goalie out, we had a couple of opportunities, but we did not play enough for sixty minutes. It takes sixty minutes to win in the NHL.”

Thoughts on Corey’s penalty:

“Well, he definitely put his hand over the puck. So I don’t know if—but I think you are allowed to push the puck. I do not think you can specifically cover it with your full palm and move it. That is an easy call for a referee. That is totally uncalled for in that situation. We can not do that, simple as that.”

Thoughts on the penalty kill:

“Well, again that is the difference in the game. They score two power play goals, one to get even and the other one to win the hockey game for them. And what did we do? We went 0-3 in the game. Special teams—we lost the battle, they won the hockey game with it.”

Ducks Captain Ryan Getzlaf

Thoughts on the Stars power play tonight:

“Yeah, I mean they are good plays. But ultimately we have a job to do and we lost the special plays, not just the penalty kill, power play, we did not get a goal out of our power play. We have been getting those of lately. We lost the special teams battle we know that is big against this team.”Thoughts on the power play:

“Yeah, I cannot really remember when those were. Yeah, could have been a little bit more cleaner on the power play. Just distribute the puck a little bit better couple looks, definitely we lost it tonight, we lost the special teams tonight for sure.”

Thoughts on the team’s offense tonight:

“Well, I thought the second we did a pretty decent job. I mean they are going to have a little push. You are not going to take a team like that and hold them down the whole game. They came out and played like we expected. I thought we did a good job of holding our own, goaltender made some saves when we needed him to, he kept us right in the game, special teams was the difference.”


Ducks Forward Corey Perry

On closing his hand on the puck:

“It’s not that I closed my hand on it. I put my hand on it—it gave them life and that’s all they needed. That’s on me. I’ve got to be better.”

On trying to come back in the 2nd:

“Yeah we know how good they are in the second [period]. They’ve played very well and they used that change to their advantage, and they kept picking up the puck and kept coming at us. That first period of ours—I think it was great. I thought we did a great job, and then they kind of took over that second.”