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Stars-Senators Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes following Monday’s Dallas Stars-Ottawa Senators game which the Senators won 3-2 in overtime. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On the disappointment of tonight’s game:

“I can’t waste any time on it. We picked up some more injuries and you’ve got to move on quickly. We got a point and tried everything we could to get the focus where it was but some guys were good and some guys struggled. If it is a lesson learned for them, great but right now it’s a point and we’ve got to move on.”

On the status of the Stars’ injuries:

“(Esa) Lindell isn’t going to be on the trip and (Radek) Faksa won’t play. With Ben (Bishop), we’re probably going to need a couple of days to figure out time frame on it so for sure he’s not going to play tomorrow and Friday and then let’s just see from there. We’ll have a better update when we get back from Nashville and get it looked at.”

On what’s next for the Stars: 

“It’s a point and we know who the opponent is tomorrow and we’ve got to find a way to get more points tomorrow. We’ve got to move on quickly from this. It’s disappointing for some of the guys I’m sure and disappointing for us but still to come back and get the point late, we’re not giving up on anything. We had a mish-mash roster and tried everything we could to find some chemistry somewhere but right now we’re the team banged up and we’ve just got to fight.”

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin

On letting an opportunity to take a win pass by:

“Absolutely. We shouldn’t be waiting until the last 2-3 minutes to start going. That’s a point that should never have not been ours.”

On the team’s sense of urgency:

“I mean, I think we played that team like where they are in the standings. I think we forgot that we’re still in the NHL and that every team is good comparatively in this league. I thought, myself included, that we played like we were saving energy for tomorrow night. So we better be fine then.”

On not enough going for them on the power play:

“You can’t talk about x’s and o’s unless the urgency and effort to compete is there. We thought we were going to take an easy couple of points and just play pond hockey, like Hitch likes to say, and that’s what it was. I don’t know how to explain what we did tonight, but I think man-to-man and teammate-to-teammate we all let each other down here tonight with how we played.”

Stars Goaltender Kari Lehtonen

On mindset coming into the game for Bishop after his injury:

“It’s interesting. You have been sitting there for a while. But you just go there and start trying to get the things going and rolling and then after a while it feels like you belong there. It’s difficult but not too bad.”

On the Senators second goal:

“The second goal? I saw it was like four-on-three or four-on-two or something like that. I was too much trying to look for where he was going to pass. He kind of tricked me, turned and shot it. It’s just one of those plays you would like to do differently if you get another chance. But I think that I was just a little too deep and put a little too eggs in that basket that he was going to pass it. He can sniff things like that out, he’s a good player.”

On pressure facing team to bounce back tomorrow after tonight’s game:

“Everyone is going to be pumped and excited to play tomorrow. We are disappointed about this one though but it’s something that doesn’t need more motivation. They’ve had us this year and we’ll go there and it’s going to be a great challenge. They know a lot about us and it’s going to be exciting there.”

On the overtime today:

“Yeah, it was a little different overtime today. There was a lot of holding the puck in the neutral zone from both teams, they didn’t want to give up the big opportunity to the other team. At the end of the day, you know that’s going to happen. First we got the big opportunity and came really close to scoring and then it goes the other way and they are able to put it in the net. It’s kind of a coin flip and today it ended up bad.”

Stars Defenseman Marc Methot

On losing an opportunity:

“Yeah, that was not a good game. I don’t know where to start, but I’m sure our coach will have a ton of good quotes for you guys. That was ugly and we are lucky we got a point in my opinion. I don’t think we really deserved it. But, we’ll take that and hopefully put this game behind us here and move on to a much bigger game tomorrow.”

On lack of urgency and playing Nashville:

“Yeah, we were too loose. We were loose and we were sloppy and it showed. You just have to watch that game and you’ll see things like passes and stuff everything was just off. We just weren’t sharp and a team like that, they’re playing free hockey right now in a way and there’s not really a ton of pressure on them and you know that they’ll take advantage of you if you’re too relaxed out there. They did the job.”

On seeing Ottawa again:

“It was one of the hardest games I’ve played. I mean as bad as the hockey was, while I was out there it was difficult. Much different from the time I was traded from Columbus to Ottawa. I mean I had formed a lot more bonds against the team we played tonight and it’s just one of those game you just want to get through and I thought I did that. Again, not good enough. We’ve got a lot of stuff to improve on if we plan on winning more games this year.”

Senators Head Coach Guy Boucher

On tonight’s game:

“I think it closed off a good trip for us. If you look at the trip we had four games and they were really tough opponents. When we played in Washington, we were really good and could’ve won that game. Played a great game in Vegas and we were fine in Arizona except after a period when we weren’t smart. This was a good, hard-fought game tonight by our team. I think when we end road trips, sometimes you can feel that it’s time to go back home. It didn’t feel like that at all today. Lots of enthusiasm this morning and I think the guys benefited from yesterday off after a back-to-back. And you could see this morning that guys had a lot of energy, contrary to the end of the game against Arizona. You want to start with that energy and I think we did and we had it the whole game. Obviously this is a good team and we knew it was going to be tight game, but the fact that we were leading before the end and they come back six-on-five, but then we are able to push back with character in the overtime. I thought tonight Erik was outstanding and our goalie was extending, and that’s what you get. They’re probably the two most important players on our team and when they’re at their best, definitely we’re at our best.”

On what he liked most about tonight’s game:

“I liked a lot of things. Everybody had some kind of contribution. I actually liked O’Brien again tonight. When he’s out there he is very safe and very smart, so in that regard I think we’re slowly seeing the guy that’s interesting and we’ll see how he’s able to maintain that. [Tom Pyatt] was sick so it was easy to pick out who was going to be out. He wasn’t feeling good this morning and after that he really wasn’t good after lunch so it made it easy for us to make a decision.”

On the team’s resilience in the win:

“Yeah, I think we’ve done that before. I liked the fact that we talked about last game in the third period we were getting irritated with everything, but the back-to-back is tough. You feel more of that irritation and we just really didn’t want to have that today. Whatever calls are made and whatever adversity we faced or whatever, we wanted to make sure we were staying focused on what we had to do and I think that’s what our players did. We didn’t win in regulation, we won in overtime and I think it builds character that all players have displayed before.”

Senators Goaltender Craig Anderson

Thoughts on the game tonight:

“Unlucky bounce on the power play or penalty kill to start there, it is just one of those things, you just want to stay focus and make sure they do not get another one there in the first. We had great zone time and were possessing the puck. We were just not able to get to the net and get that scoring opportunity for us but we found a way to get down there in the second on our power play, special teams was huge tonight.”

Thoughts on his big saves in the second period:

“I thought our second period was one where you stay focused and focus on the next shot. I thought (inaudible) chance thought for the most part our guys did a great job cleaning up second rebounds, keeping them predictable. I think that was the key thing. I think when we play a certain way and keep them predictable it is easier for me to read and react. Kudos to our guys for that.

Thoughts on 3-on-3 hockey:

“I think three-on-three is one of our strong suits, maybe we should try and take coinciding penalties throughout the game, maybe get some three-on-three right at the start of the game.”

Senators Defensemen Erik Karlsson

Thoughts on his final goal:

“No, I was actually pretty tired towards the end today for some reason. It has been a long road trip for us, a lot of traveling you can feel that. It is getting towards the end of the year, guys are starting to lose a little bit of energy going into games sometimes, especially at the end of games when you get to play a little of inexperience.”

Thoughts on winning the game tonight:

“It felt good, I felt that we played good enough to come away with two points even though they did a great push at the end there and came back and tied it up late – which is something we were not very happy about it. But those things are going to happen and we just stuck with it. I think that even though we were leading I think we still played with possession a bit. We made plays and kept pushing which is a huge improvement for us. “

Thoughts on Craig Anderson’s play tonight:

“Yeah, Craig played really well for us today when during the periods of time when they were pushing hard and making plays, because they are good team – which they will. He bailed us out and made the saves that we know he can do, that gave us a chance to win the game.”