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Stars-Lightning Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes following Thursday’s Dallas Stars-Tampa Bay Lightning game which the Lightning won 5-4 in overtime. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On tonight’s game:

“I’m really pleased with the way we played the game. We had a couple of mistakes and paid the price for it but we played a very good hockey game, especially in the third period.  This is going to end up, hopefully, being a very valuable point. In the overtime we had a lot of chances early but when you hit that many goalposts in overtime those things happen. To come back and play the way we did in the third period was tough emotionally. The goals that we gave up were goals where we were controlling the game in the offensive zone and then all of a sudden, quick break and they’re gone. A couple of them were tough goals on Ben (Bishop), but overall I was very happy with the third period.”

On whether he considered a change in goal:

“No. This is playoffs for everyone. Ben’s been terrific and you’ve got to with it. They (the goalies) have been the story of the team and we’ve just got to stick with them. Some days it’s going to be really good and he’s going to save us like he did against Calgary and sometimes we’ve got to help him out. It’s the same with Lehts (Kari Lehtonen).  They’ve helped us more than we’ve had to help him. Tonight was a night we needed to help Ben and we got to overtime. That’s a good feeling for us. He saved our bacon two nights ago. Overall we’ve got to take a positive from this, there was a lot of good things, and keep moving forward. We look like we’re dangerous offensively and we’re back to not giving up much defensively which is a really good sign.”

On the team’s power play:

“The first power play was excellent, obviously. Then we started to get a little bit slow on the second one. We’ll address it tomorrow. When we play fast on the power play, move the puck and play with tempo we’re very, very effective. We’re starting to score now on a regular basis and that’s a good sign but we need more tempo on our power play although it’s getting better and better.”

On the play of Jason Dickinson:

“That line was really effective. In the third period we played them as the third line and they got a lot of momentum for us. They really turned pucks over. It was really an effective line.  There is a real trust in Dickie (Jason Dickinson) from the coaching staff, especially down low in our own zone. He reads the game well and has the courage to play down there.”

On the Janmark goal:

“I didn’t know that the clock stopped. I couldn’t understand why they were questioning it and why (Steven) Stamkos was going so crazy on the ice. He was looking at the clock and could see that it was stuck. We already had a stop watch counting on our own and we counted that we were safe there. I would have been really disappointed if the goal got called back because of goalie interference. When (Tyler) Seguin went in there his stick was hooked. He was trying to score and his stick was hooked so that would have been really disappointing.”

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin

On earning one point, but giving away a point:

“I mean, best team in the league, I think and found a way to get a point. But, would have liked to have two.”

On his line:

“I thought we were good. There were times when we probably needed some more puck possession on their end. But, overall, I thought we got some good looks but, again, would’ve liked to get the two points.”

On erasing two goal deficit in the third:

“I think so, not only for who we were playing, but also I don’t think it’s happened enough this year. There hasn’t been enough. You know you’re going to be down a game it happens, but there hasn’t been enough of a push back by our team. Tonight I think we did some stuff we can build off.”

Stars Forward Brett Ritchie

On his goal sparking momentum:

“We said after the second period that we’re not out of it.  We had a lot of ‘grade- A’ chances throughout the game and we knew that we were going to get our chances – just keep throwing pucks at the net and getting it deep. We knew that if we could get one early it would put more pressure on them. That was a good play by Dicky [Dickinson] to throw that one in front and it found a way through. It gave us a little kick start and we were able to get another one so, it was obviously a huge point- I really would have liked the other one [point], but I thought we put a pretty solid game.”

On the goal building his confidence:

“Yeah, it gets you off the schneid a little bit. I was getting chances—you start to worry when you don’t get chances, but I knew it when it was going to go in and I knew I needed to try to help the team out with a little goal here and there, so it’s good to get one. Every game is going to be huge and any time you can contribute on the score sheet is a bonus.”

On the disappointment losing the point:

“You’ve got to take the positive side of it. I think it’s—you can’t ride the emotions. As long as we put a good product out on the ice, night in and night out, you don’t really have to worry about results every night. You’re going to get unlucky sometimes and you’re going to get more than you deserve others times. We have 18 or 19 games left and you just have to take it shift by shift instead of looking just for the result.”

Stars Forward Mattias Janmark

On his goal and the clock malfunction:

“I knew the clock was running out and I saw that we were going to get the puck to the net, so I tried to get down there but also stay away so I could find any loose pucks and that’s kind of what happened. I didn’t know how long was left, but I knew it was the last couple shots there so it was a good goal.”

On the team coming from behind late to get a point:

“Yeah, unfortunate we couldn’t get the win, but we haven’t had that many games where we were down one or two, three goals where we’re able to come back and get it to overtime. And against a good team, too. So it’s a bittersweet loss, but for sure it’s a good thing and something we can bring if we end up in the same situation to come back.”

On success on the power play tonight:

“I think today our first unit did a hell of a job. I mean our first power play there was just a question of time when it was going to end up in the net. Even if you don’t score after a power play like that you for sure feed off that energy. Last game maybe we had turnovers instead and that can go the wrong way, so for sure they did a good job.”

Lightning Head Coach Jon Cooper

On the team pulling out the win tonight:

“The guys have found a way all year. As a staff we’re unbelievably proud of the way we rebounded. That’s a tough back-to-back, you know, you’ve got to change time zones and fly a couple hours. We had pretty good energy early. The power plays hurt us a little bit in the first, but I really liked our second period. We came out determined. We deserved to get those goals. And then we kind of had to hold on at the end there. It was a little unfortunate how the game got to overtime, but the boys found a way.”

On goaltender interference:

“I don’t know. I just look at that and what’s the better call? I thought the better call was our goalie had no chance to make a save. I guess I was in the minority in that one. But, the result turned out the way that we felt it should. You don’t want to have to gut through an overtime, but we did and we pulled it out and all is well.”

On if he’s gotten more clarity from the League on the goaltender interference calls:

“I don’t know. Everybody – I do know this: in the end, nobody is trying to screw anybody. Everybody is trying to do the right thing and make the right call and I know that’s true. If there’s a League that’s got integrity it’s the National Hockey League. And I know they’re trying to do the right thing. But it’s when two teams are competing – one’s looking at it one way and the team is looking at it the other way. So regardless of the call that’s made, somebody’s going to be ticked off and somebody’s going to be happy. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of it tonight and that’s it. As I said, everybody’s trying to do the right thing.”

Lightning Forward Steven Stamkos

On how the team found a way to win:

“Especially after the way we played last game, I thought we responded a lot better in terms of playing with some more emotions and playing with some jam. Obviously, for the most part – besides the penalties in the first period – pretty solid first two periods on the road. Pretty confusing what goaltender interference is I know there’s been a lot of talk about that. There’s just too many grey areas. They’ve got to do something to find a more definitive answer. To come back and to win in overtime after that was obviously a big win for us.”

On what he saw with the clock malfunction:

“They were regrouping in their own end. It was in my sight line, I saw the clock – I think it was like 37.9 for at least 3-4 seconds. I wasn’t sure what the rule is. I was trying to slap my stick on the ice and let the refs know. The explanation after was that the game continues to play, and whatever happens gets added on or subtracted. Which to me doesn’t really make sense because what if the clock should’ve been over and someone gets hurt because the play is extended an extra 10 seconds. If they don’t score and it should’ve been over three seconds before, then what’s their explanation? It makes absolutely no sense to me. If there’s a clock malfunction it should be blown dead immediately when they figure it out. That’s just player safety 101 – in my opinion, anyway. We didn’t know the rule. Obviously, it’s different than that. There was enough time left for them to score.”

On Anthony Cirelli’s first career game:

“It’s not easy to do to come in – I think he played yesterday too – and travel and come in and get his feet wet in the first period. Made some nice plays, obviously, a great goal and an assist. He’s been high on the radar for a long time within this organization, and he’s done extremely well everywhere he’s gone. So it’s no surprise that he had a great game and was an impact for our team win.”

Lightning Forward Anthony Cirelli

On his first career NHL game:

“It was an unbelievable feeling. Obviously just being here and being able to play in a game was pretty cool. Just being around the guys and stuff like that. To get a goal too is something special and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

On his goal:

“I thought I had him a little bit wide and I just wanted to get the puck to the net. Luckily it hit and went in for me.”

On the perseverance of Tampa Bay:

“We played well for most of the game. For them to get that goal with 3 seconds left – they battled back, and we took it in overtime. Like you said, it’s one of the reasons we’re one of the best teams in the league. Good play.”