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Stars-Rangers Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes following Monday’s Dallas Stars-New York Rangers game which the Stars won 2-1. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On tonight’s game:

“It didn’t feel like we were dominating. It felt like we were getting a lot of shots but it didn’t feel like we were dominating. We had some point blanks but they were getting chances too. At the end of the night there isn’t going to be much difference in the scoring chances. I know there was a big difference in the shots but I don’t think there was much difference in scoring chances. I thought the thing we deserve credit is that we stayed with it, we didn’t get frustrated we stayed on the program and we had some puck errors but it wasn’t from trying to hit a home run. We didn’t cheat the way we had to play. We watched the Rangers play in Nashville, they played terrific and then they came here and played really hard too. We had to dig in. This game was really good for us and we had to dig a little deeper than we have in the last couple of games and we dug deep to get it.”

On the Stars’ special teams play:

“I think (Martin) Hanzal there helps a lot because now you’re winning faceoffs. We were able to use eight guys today, rather than six, which helps. We had better energy on it. The power play looked out of sync today for whatever reason. A big part of this is, in order to win, you’ve got to win the special teams game. It would be really good if we could get both of them going. The penalty kill is starting to move up a little bit and the power play, other than tonight, has been a threat the last three games.”

On having Martin Hanzal back:

“Huge. He just manages the game so well. He’s a real good player and we’ve missed him. We’ve missed his presence, he’s a real pro. We’re hoping that he stays healthy. He came through the game sign and that’s a good sign but a healthy Martin Hanzal makes us a lot different hockey club and very difficult to play against. That line was together in Detroit and played very, very well and they did it again tonight.”

On the Radek Faksa line:

“We weren’t really bringing them in, in a checking role until they made a switch on their line and then they had a job to do. It’s the five guys working together and that’s a tremendous responsibility. If it doesn’t work then he doesn’t set the table somewhere else. They really set the table for us throughout the lineup.  For me, they negated three really good hockey players. They still got their licks in, some of those players, but that line did some damage themselves. They made them defend more than they wanted to.”

Stars Forward Martin Hanzal

On first game back and scoring the winner:

“I felt OK. It’s always hard when you get back; when you miss a long time it’s hard to get back into game tempo. It took me a couple shifts, but after that, I felt pretty good. Scoring the goal was lucky on the tip.”


On keeping composure during up-and-down game:

“We’ve got to stay with the game plan, that’s the plan. We can’t get frustrated because we are down one goal and we have to keep doing what we are supposed to do and just keep working hard and stick to the game plan, that’s the key.”

On winning the special teams battle:

“It’s great. Right now, with how tight [the playoff race] is, it’s a small details game. When we win on a penalty kill or a power play, that’s huge in every game. We have to stay with it and keep going and get better in the next game.”

Stars Goaltender Ben Bishop

On sticking with it after going down a goal early on:

“I think it has to be one of the best games of the year. We played well in every facet of the game. The guys did a great job. Obviously, we went down 1-0, but the guys were playing so well. We were all over them and the only time we got in trouble was with the penalties. Like you said, it was tough in the first, we weren’t getting much but then in the second, every shot seemed like a good one. It was just one of those games you have to try to stay in it, keep the guys in it. They were doing such a good job so you try to do your part on your end.” 

On getting into a groove in the second and third period:

“It’s good. It’s nice to have those chances and to be able to come up big with the guys and it kind of gets you into it because you are waiting, and waiting, and waiting and obviously, the power plays give you a chance to get into it. Like I said, it was probably one of the best games of the year. The guys did a great job. Way to close it out in the third. We just have to keep building. It is a big win and now we have a division opponent and a tough building to play in. Should be a fun time and we have to get ready for it.” 

On any lingering effects from his injury:

“No. I just looked like I got my wisdom teeth out. The swelling has gone down quite a bit. It wasn’t really bothering me. If I get hit, it’s not a big deal, just as long as the swelling stays down.”

Rangers Head Coach Alain Vigneault

On letting up two odd-man goals:

“It’s no doubt that they came at us pretty hard in the first period, they got some momentum off their power plays and got some pretty good zone time. They had a few looks that missed the net, but they got a little bit of momentum off that. I thought after that, we buckled down and tightened up our game. We got some looks, and their goaltender made a couple big saves. Unfortunately on their winning goal, I think we should have had a blocked shot by our defenseman, but it seemed to go by him and it was going wide and their guy was able to tip it. That’s the type of goal that they got and we weren’t able to get, but I thought for the most part, we battled hard. It’s hard right now, but we’ve got to re-energize and focus on our next game.”

On staying together while frustration builds:

“When we’re playing, we’re playing. The frustrating thing is that we’re not winning right now. I think I’ve said this quite a few times lately, I think effort-wise, we’re playing better than the results that we’re getting, but that’s just the way it is right now. What you’ve got to do is keep working, come to work every day and work on getting better and that’s what we’re going to do.”

On trade deadline talks:

“We’ve already addressed that with our group. Most trade talks are no different, you hear things about white noise, and you just don’t let it affect you. You’ve got to focus on being a pro and getting yourself ready and executing, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Rangers Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist

On being under siege in net during the game:

“Just the first 10 or 15 minutes. After that we got going. But it took us some time for whatever reason. You know, we managed to escape the first period with the lead. We started to play better and got our legs going. We started to make better plays and creating some chances. In the end, I think the obviously difference was special teams – we take too many penalties. We are a team right now that it’s hard to get wins and we can’t take too many penalties. That’s just a fact. When we get their best players on the ice, we are giving them an opportunity to create chances but also keeping our top guys off the ice. So, we have to get better in that department if we are going to have a chance to turn this around.”

On if he saw the shot from Tyler Seguin:

“No. There are a lot of shots right now that you are just fighting for, trying to see them. It’s a big part of this game to try and find them. Sometimes as much as we are trying right now, we are setting up screens instead blocks. We have to try to do our best here to block it or let me see it.”

On sticking together as a team:

“It’s everything. In this league, I take working hard for the team over skill any day. That’s what we need right now. We need everybody doing whatever they can and doing what’s best for the team. We don’t have room for anything else. We have to stick together and we have to do whatever is best for this group to win games – play disciplined, work hard and be honest with ourselves here about how we are play and how we evaluate everything.”

Rangers Forward Mats Zuccarello

On the loss tonight:

“Frustrating right now for sure, losing hockey games is tough on you. But, it is what it is. I think I have given the excuse too many times, and it’s a loss and that’s what it is.”

On the amount of offensive time the Stars had:

“I mean they had a lot of shots and they got a lot of power plays, we had some power plays, we played OK on the power play, I should have scored, we had some chances, some really good chances. I think we fought well, everyone. They scored a power play goal that is the difference. At the end of the day it is a loss, and it’s a tough stretch for us right now, it is not easy.” 

On trying to stay together:

“I mean obviously it’s hard, when you go through stretches like this, you start to doubt yourself and what you give to the team. I think it is important to everyone; we are not going to get out of this by being negative, stay positive here and believe in each other. We have to go from there, I thought the last two games, last game third period and today I thought we gave it everything and it was a one-goal game that is how it goes right now, stick with it, stay positive.”