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Stars-Kings Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes following Tuesday’s Dallas Stars-Los Angeles Kings game which the Kings won 3-0. These quote are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On the team rebounding from tonight’s defeat:

“That’s two games in a row. That’s the concern for us. The game before the break a team came in and checked us hard and we had no response and today the same thing. That’s the concern, how do we respond to getting played hard? Instead of getting excited and digging in, we go the other way. We’re cheating all over the ice and not competing on pucks. You can beat it to death but the bigger concern is that it’s two games in a row. When you expect it to go up, and the league is going to go up now, we go the other way.”

On whether the team looks like it did early in the season:

“No, I don’t think we looked like this. We got beat in some areas but this is concerning so we’ve got to figure it out. Between the coaches and the players, we’ve got to figure it out. This isn’t even close to a competitive level to win a hockey game or to build a foundation. We’re a ways off right now. We’ve got 24 hours to figure it out.”

Stars Defenseman Dan Hamhuis

On tonight’s loss:

“Yeah it’s disappointing the way we came out. They were definitely the better team all night. This time of year we can’t be allowing for efforts like that and showing up for the games the way we did tonight. If we want to give ourselves a chance to make the playoffs we need to eliminate those types of games.”

On putting this game behind them and moving forward:

“I don’t know if you want to let these last two games go by now. We’ve got to take a look and see what’s going on here because it was creeping into our game, even in the Florida game [three games back] the score was lopsided, but I don’t think we played as well as we could. Some bad habits have crept into our game and we’re not in a good spot right now.”

On accomplishing one thousand career games:

“It’s something I’m quite proud of, but I certainly didn’t get here on my own. Getting to that first NHL game was, in large part, due to my parents and the sacrifices that they made to get me to game one. And then it took a whole team of people to get me from game one to a thousand. You go through a lot to get to a spot like this, but it’s been an incredible journey to meet so many great people along the way. It certainly has been a group effort.”

Stars Goaltender Ben Bishop

On coming back from the All-Star Game break and if there is a level of concern after tonight’s game:

“I don’t think we’re going to hit the panic button. We were playing some good hockey and we’ve had two bad games. It’s about looking in the mirror now and I think every single person in this room and in this building knew that tonight was not a very good hockey game from us. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of a snowball and you have to fix it now. We realize that it is two games in a row and it’s unacceptable. Especially at home. These fans are paying good money to come watch us play and tonight was pretty pathetic. So, we are going out to Phoenix now and we have to turn it around. We aren’t going to hit the panic button, but we know we have to be better. Obviously, we want to get on the right side of things here and play a good team on the road and come back home for a couple of tough divisional opponents.”

On the importance of moving on after a win or loss and if it’s harder to do after a few losses in a row:

“What you just said is exactly right. You can’t dwell on it. You have to separate the two losses because of the break. It’s probably not fair to do, but it is what we are going to do and it wasn’t a very good game from us tonight. I don’t think anybody in this room is going to say they played well. We have to turn the page here and be ready. Like you said, you can’t dwell on it and you have to focus on what’s ahead, while at the same time looking in the mirror and realizing that tonight wasn’t good enough.” 

On what he saw on Los Angeles’ three goals tonight:

“On the second one; there wasn’t too much you could really do about it. It went off a handful of guys and it was like a backboard, and on the third one he [Alec Martinez] went back to the post and I couldn’t see around [Jason] Spezza. Martinez did a good job of just throwing it at the net and I don’t know how we didn’t have an instant replay yet, but I didn’t see it. The first one was a screen in front and sometimes you get bad bounces. I don’t think the bounces went especially my way tonight, but I don’t think it changes the outcome of the game. Sometimes you have a bad game and sometimes you have bad bounces. Tonight was a little bit of both.”

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin

On the team struggling to find its stride- even after a break:

“Yeah I agree with that. I don’t know what the reason is for it. There shouldn’t be a reason or excuse. Every team is the same after the break- they had the weekend off too. But we weren’t prepared. The coaches did their jobs, but we just didn’t do ours.”

On moving forward after the loss:

“I mean, good teams don’t lose two in a row. You find ways [to win], you learn from why you lost that game and you bounce back. Maybe it’s because we had too many days in between, I don’t know. They wanted more- dropped the puck, first shifts. It obviously starts with the leaders in here and that starts with me. I lost Kopitar in that first goal and you can’t give a guy like him that much space- plain and simple- and that’s how the game started off.”

On the team’s performance:

“We were by far the worst group of guys out there. You can have games where the leaders are playing ok and everyone else are playing really well, but it should never really happen. I don’t know if it does happen, because there are always at least one or two guys getting everyone else going. But tonight not one single guys was “going” and it’s a letdown. Especially when it’s a new season and this is the final push, this is what we’ve fought for all year and we should be excited for how hard we worked to get ourselves into this position. When I took a glance up I’m pretty sure that all of the other teams were winning and I’m sure they probably won. Now we’ve made things a little tougher on ourselves, so we’ll talk about it tomorrow, watch some video have a good practice and get back to work in Arizona.”

Kings Head Coach John Stevens

On the Kings playing a complete game:

“When you’re playing a team like Dallas – a very good hockey team – they don’t give up a lot, they can really get pressure on your forecheck, which I thought they did early. But I thought our guys did a really good job of competing and making stops. It was everybody, and when we got the last change and tried to get the favorable matchups. I thought our guys did a good job in those situations and stayed on top and got pucks deep, a very responsible game, especially coming off of a great week. It’s nice to get something productive.”

On Dustin Brown balancing lineup:

“Well [Dustin Brown] provides leadership for our hockey team. He has a couple of kids. Tanner I thought really got going with Browny, Adrian plays a responsible game. Looked like that puck might’ve gone off Browny in front of the net, but whether he gets a point or not, he’s critical to the success of the power play by taking a beaten in the net front. Then he does the job on the penalty kill, as he’s done all year. There’s parts of the game that don’t register in terms of points and assists and goals and whatnot, but a lot of those intangible things that Browny’s always done, he’s been providing that on top of his leadership as well.”

Kings Goaltender Darcy Kuemper

On tonight’s win against the Stars:

“I think we were all aware of how dangerous some of their guys can be. I think the desperation of playing a team ahead of us in the standings really brought the best out of us tonight against that top line that’s as dangerous as any line in the League. We hardly gave them anything tonight. We did a great job at staying above them and shutting them down. A lot of lines had to play against them and I thought everyone did a good job.”

On taking the net while Quick is gone:

“I am excited for the opportunity to play a couple in a row. It’s especially exciting to get the start in this one with the dads here, and with my dad here. I wanted to take advantage of it and the guys made it so easy in front of me that it was just fun to go out there and play.”

On if the Kings are turning the corner:

“We were well aware of that tough skid that we were on. We put in a lot of work with film and practice, correcting things that we were doing wrong. I think the last couple of games the commitment you can see in guys, just in the little puck battles and defensively their awareness of where their guys are, that’s how we’ve got to play. We just have to keep doing this and I think we’re ready to take off if we do that.”

Kings Defenseman Paul LaDue

On getting his first NHL goal tonight:

“It was unbelievable. I played a few games last year and I couldn’t get it, but it felt even better to get the win and to contribute to the win. I had my dad here and that made it even more special. It was great.”

On if he picked his spot on the goal going through traffic in front of the net:

“Yeah, I kind of saw a spot open and I tried to shoot to that side of the net. It just ended up making it through a few sticks and into the net and I can’t describe that feeling. It was great.”

On how his team played tonight:

“I think we executed our game plan. We kept their offense to the outside and we didn’t really allow many shots around our net. That’s what we talked about before and that’s what we are going to have to keep doing to win games. I think we did a great job tonight.”