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Stars-Panthers Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes from Tuesday’s Dallas Stars-Florida Panthers game which the Stars won 6-1. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On tonight’s physical game:

“I have been in so many like that you just have to guard against wanting to get the last punch in, get the last fight in, I don’t know. Boys will be boys. It was a wake-up call that we got early in the game and there is the competition that you have to coach through and paly to the whistle. And there is the stuff where the anger is there and you hope neither side gets hurt in a fight. But, the tenacity of the start probably brought a lot of our guys back into the reality of having to play off the road trip. I think that’s what happened. We got woken up pretty quickly, we had no choice and we had to respond somehow. If we didn’t wake up and we didn’t respond they would have pushed us out of the building. We’ve seen that in games that they’ve played. They push hard and they play hard and they pushed Nashville right to the brink and we knew that coming here.”On Shore’s comment about succeeding in different types of games:

“I think what was so different was that it was such a different game than the one that was in Florida. It was more a technical game. This was emotion, and feistiness and people angry at each other, I think a lot of it started by, I think they thought that we hit the goalie, which we didn’t, and I think that started the ball rolling. What are you going to do? You just have to get on the ride and hope, like I said, that no one gets hurts.”

On Shore’s play:

“He is really starting to play well. I think the move to left wing has really helped him. He’s got speed, he’s got tempo, and he’s got patience with the puck now. He looks like a real player right now. He looks like a guy that’s got a lot of 200-foot game in him and that’s good to see. But I think the move to left wing allowed him to free up. There was too much hesitation in his game and he hadn’t played a lot of right wing and that’s a new position to come off the wall. I think him and Janmark flipping has really helped both guys.”

On having depth scoring going forward:

“I think the big picture moving forward is how do we look at center. Hanzal is probably not going to play on Thursday and that’s always the on again, off again. So we need Spezza to continue to improve and we need Dickinson to step up and really grab this opportunity. He’s got the size, he’s got the ability, he’s got the hockey sense, and for me, this is a really opportunity for Dickie and we want to see if he can grab this. It would really help stabilize the mid group there.”

On Jason Dickinson’s play tonight:

“This was a tough read. He took two penalties. The penalty he took in the first period was after a great shift. Both penalties were poor stick penalties. Those are correctable. Those are teachable moments. I like his quickness and his separation skating is going to really help us. I like the way he can get us out of trouble. He’s got to clean up the stick part and he’ll do that in time, but if he cleans up that part and continues to improve, we’ve got ourselves a good player.”

On Ben Bishop’s importance in a weird game like tonight:

“I didn’t find [the game] weird. In a very sick way it was fun. Bishop was solid all day. To me, he was very quiet in his positioning. He had a lot of traffic because Florida plays that jam game. That’s really difficult for goaltenders. I thought he really managed his crease well and made some big saves. When the game was 3-1, we were a little bit nervous. The fourth goal really gave us the separation, but I thought Ben was excellent tonight.”

On the emergency goalie:

“We know who he is. And if he has the same tryout as Roussel based on defense, I might have to play. I think it’s a smart thing that the League’s done. Before, you were running around looking to use a defenseman, but you’ve got a guy coming there. I think it’s a smart thing the League is doing.” 

Stars Forward Devin Shore

On emotions of tonight’s game:

“It was intense and emotional. I think it’s important – in games like that – to stick together and have each other’s backs. Obviously, no two games are the same, and there’s going to be games like that. On a given night, this one in particular, there’s a certain way we had to win, and it was physical and there were a lot of fights. That’s going to happen sometimes, there are 20 intense guys on each side who really want to win. When fights come about because of that, that’s fine. You answer the bell, and I thought we did a pretty good job at that and stuck together as a team.”

On winning in a physical fashion:

“I think any team that can win in a number of different ways, that can only help you, especially down the stretch when the games get really important and really intense. You’re not going to have your best legs every night, or sometimes you have no puck luck or bounces. If you can just find a way to win depending on how the game comes to you, that’s huge. It’s huge for our team and it’s exciting.”

On confidence of personal performance tonight:

“It’s good for the confidence, but at this point in the season, you derive your confidence from stuff other than results. Obviously, it’s a results-driven league, but the results we’re focused on at this point in the year, and should be at all times, is getting the wins and keep collecting two points. It feels good to contribute, but you get your confidence from other ways at this time, for me at least.”

Stars Forward Alexander Radulov

On the odd game tonight:

“All the games are fun to play. You kind of want to stay away from it [all the fights], but they wanted to bring that so we answered. A lot of guys stick up for each other and that was nice to see, and eventually you get it done. That’s the most important thing.”

On sticking to the game plan despite the way the game went:

“That’s the thing, Hitch mentioned that between periods. That we got to stick with the plan and play the right way and try to find some chances to put the puck in the net and that’s what we did. I think all four lines were trying to create and play more in their zone away from our net. Sometimes it happened well, sometimes during the game we made mistakes, but [Ben Bishop] was there for us and that’s a good sign. We’ve just got to stay with it and work hard.”

Panthers Head Coach Bob Boughner

On tonight’s game:

“It’s never fun losing like this, and it’s a bad feeling for everybody on the bench and I think we competed hard like we talked about after the first period. We just couldn’t find that second goal, I thought that we had some momentum after Ekblad scored that goal going into the end of the period. We came out, and then we gave up a shorthanded goal and it was downhill from there. We’ve got to regroup; it’s a tough loss, going back we have a game against Washington at home before another couple day break, so we need to regroup as a team.”

On team standing up for each other:

“There was a lot of pride there, I mean I think you can see that, I mean it is a tight group and they stick up for each other, they win together and lose together. I have no issue with that, it shows some pride. But at the end of the day we are here to get points and we failed miserably.”

Panthers Forward Derek MacKenzie

On forgetting’s tonight’s loss:

“No, I don’t think so. I think it is hard to look at right now, but I like the way our team stuck together tonight. I thought for the better part of the game we were in it. We had a couple of chances before it was 4-1 to get right back in the game and obviously the wheels kind of fell off at the end. A lot of guys stepped up tonight, did some good things and I will take that over a lot of things most nights.”

On the team’s current goalie situation:

“If anything, it’s a little disappointing that we couldn’t help out [goaltender Harri Sateri] a little bit more. I know he was battling for us and he has been a great back up, and with [goaltender Roberto Luongo] being down, and you certainly don’t like to see your goalie have that happen to him in the third period. Yeah, it is too bad, [goaltender James Reimer] has done a great job up to this point and I guess we have to dig in here and maybe with some luck we’ll be back here soon.