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Stars-Devils Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes following Thursday’s Dallas Stars-New Jersey Devils game which the Stars won 4-3. These quotes are provided by Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On getting the win tonight:

“That’s what happens when the game is at such a high emotional level. It felt like a game seven for both teams. When it’s that highly emotional and highly charged and you have two teams pouring that much into it, you’re going to get great plays and big errors.”

On the contributions from key players:

“I thought (Brett) Ritchie moving up with (Tyler) Seguin and (Jamie) Benn helped a lot. I thought (Martin) Hanzal coming in helped us a lot and sturdied us. (Marc) Methot really sturdied the third pair. I thought the defensemen, as the game went on, were more and more physical which is a really good sign. That helped a lot along with (Radek) Faksa’s line.  hey’ve had a big task the last little while and they’ve held their own. We probably got caught a bit today trying to force offense when we were in a defensive position. You don’t want to let these goals go in at ends of periods. We’re looking at a breakaway that turns into a goal-against because we stayed on the hunt too long. Then we look like we’re going to get a two-on-one at the end of the second and it ended up being put back in our net. These are things that, when the emotions are high, you’re going to have those situations. I like the way we fought. I like the way we battled. New Jersey is a heck of a hockey club. They’ve got a lot of elements that any coach would love to have. They’ve got a really, really strong team.”

On the return of Marc Methot:

“Rick (Wilson) was gauging his energy and physicality and, like I said, that was good pair for us. Their big, they’ve got size and they can make plays. Overall I thought our group back there handled a tough group of forwards really well. I thought they did a good job.”

On teaming Hanzal with Devin Shore:

“We would prefer to get Martin up. We’ll see how he feels tomorrow. If he feels fine then we’ll get ready to push him up. He needs to play more. This is a good start but, quite frankly, he needs to play more. If we get him up to 16-17 minutes, that’s where we would like him.”

On the recent play of Brett Ritchie:

“The last three games he’s played very well. I think he’s starting to understand how he needs to play. He’s more skilled than people think he is. He can make plays but not with the attitude that he can be a skill guy that finesses his way around the rink. He created space for those guys and his physicality during the game really gave them some room. To give Jamie and Tyler more room, we’ve got to play a player like that with them and I think he’s been very effective.”

On the Seguin short-handed goal:

“They’ve worked hard, those guys. It’s not easy killing penalties, running the power play and playing against top players. We’ve got more energy from them lately because Faksa’s been taking the big load on the checking five-on-five. Overall this is a big win for us. We’ve got one more game before the break. Last I looked I think every team in the Central won again so it’s going to be game-on right to the end of the year.”

On starting a period strong after giving up a late goal:

“You’ve got time to breath.  There are core values that are not entrenched in us yet. They’re closer but they’re not entrenched. Little things like outside the dots you just cannot miss the net. That set up the whole program that put us back on our heels. Those are little things that, unfortunately it’s like anything else with your kids, you’ve got to walk into the wall a few times but we’re getting better at it.”

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin

On taking on a new role this season on the PK:

“It’s just another goal. I love being on the PK. I have felt that extra responsibility since training camp. When we first talked and [Ken Hitchcock] was named coach here, he said that I was going to get that opportunity. I love doing it and I’m happy to be out there.” 

On the importance of getting two points:

“Yeah, it’s huge. It’s a nice recovery from last game. Hard practice yesterday and it was just a good bounce back [game]. I think getting [Martin Hanzal] and [Marc Methot] back in the lineup and the leadership from [Alexander Radulov] tonight, his first goal and then two assists, that blocked shot – he led the way and everyone kind of followed him tonight.”

Stars Defenseman Marc Methot

On his first game back:

“They don’t ask you how you got those points, right? I know there were moments where I’m sure the game was pretty exciting. I don’t think it was as boring as the last one, so that was a bonus. For me, I felt pretty good. I did what I had to do. They managed my minutes very well, which is great. It takes a little bit of pressure off me. And given that it was my first game in about two months, I’m pretty happy with it.”

On Tyler Seguin’s shorthanded play this season:

“Yeah, it’s great. I couldn’t be happier for him. I think he’s just growing. Not to say that he’s a young guy, necessarily. He’s been in the league for a long time already, but a little added responsibility never hurts. It just shows that your coaches trust you and when you win your coaches’ trust like that, it’s huge for a player’s confidence and he’s playing great hockey for us right now.”

On the importance of playing well consistently:

“Yeah, it’s huge. From here on out, we can’t let anything slip by because we know how hard it is to get your foot in the door and play in the playoffs. All these games are going to be so key and you don’t want to look back in March and think ‘oh god, we should’ve won a couple more back there.’ So I think all these games are equally important and I think whether you’re playing a division rival or someone from out West, it doesn’t matter. We know what we’re going to be playing against here. I know that [Edmonton] can be pretty hot and cold. They’ve got some guys who can score and make you look bad if you’re not prepared, so it’ll be a good challenge for us.” 

Devils Head Coach John Hynes

On tonight’s game:

“We gave it away.”

On the mistakes made tonight:

“I didn’t like any of them. We had the game in control after the first period and then came out in the second period and shot ourselves in the foot and chased the rest of the game. That was the story of it.”

On the penalty taken by Sami Vatanen for interference:

“You can’t play anything, a player or the puck, while your feet are still in the penalty box.”

On if he was pleased that his team didn’t give up and got back in it:

“It’s too hard to win in this league when you give games away. That’s not the way you want to lose games. It wasn’t good enough.

On the team’s mistakes:

“The mistakes are all of the mistakes, but you don’t pinpoint the mistakes. We have the game in control and we come out and play a totally different game in the second period. The worse way you can lose is when you beat yourself and we beat ourselves tonight. It’s too hard to win in this league when you beat yourselves.”

Devils Forward Taylor Hall

On his scoring-chance late in the 3rd period:

“It’s hard, the ice is crap, and there are a lot of guys out there. Six on five can be a bit tough, so you just want to get pucks to the net and try to create havoc. I thought I got tripped, but what do I know.” 

On rebounding after 4 straight loses:

“Yeah, there is going to be ups and downs in a season. The quicker you can nip things in the bud and really turn your game around, and start getting points to start to feel good about your game, the better off your going to be. We played in two tough buildings, against two big teams, we came up short. We have to improve, we have to find a way to win in those games.”

On going into the break needing a win:

We have to get two points in that game, we do not want to go into the break with five straight loses, that’s tough, we know in our conference, in our division it can slip away pretty quick. Focusing on getting two points, focusing on playing well I think is actually the biggest thing for us, getting back to our game, and feeling good about what we are doing.”