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Stars-Predators Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes following Saturday’s Dallas Stars-Nashville Predators game which the Stars won 4-3 in a shootout. These quotes are provided by Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On tonight’s game:

“That was a very emotional game. That makes it odd. When it’s that emotional there is no flow. Just sudden changes of direction. There was a lot of intensity in the game. They kind of put us on our heels with the two quick goals. The power play goal was a big goal for us to get it to 2-1 and then I think then we played really well in the second period. I thought we played really well in the second and we were a little bit on our heels in the third. I think we were a little bit tired from mounting the comeback to get into the hockey game. But it felt like a playoff game. Again, it just seems like every game in this building is a playoff game right now and it felt like it another one.”

On if tonight is finally a signature win against one of the top teams in the Central Division:

“I don’t look at it that way. I looked at it from, how did their top guys play? How did our top guys play, and what can we learn, how did we keep up? Nashville is a heck of hockey club. And we still have a ways to go, for me, from a play standpoint to get up to that level. But we are getting closer. Anytime we can get a bite into it, that’s good for us. I was looking for comparisons today. There are some really good teaching moments and learning lessons we can take from this game. I thought the best thing for me was the job those guys did at the end killing the penalties. That was just outstanding. And that really helped us a lot. That just show you the importance of guys like Hanzal and Faksa, are just incredible. Those guys really helped us get these two points.”

On what Martin Hanzal brings to team:

“He acts and behaves like a winner. I know he hasn’t had a lot of that for a little while. But that’s not the way he plays, that’s not the way he competes. He plays right through competition. And that’s going to help our leaders learn from him. I think if our leaders, if they looked at him, they could learn a lot because he has a disposition on the ice that he is going to go a little bit further than you are. I think that’s something we can all learn from him. That’s the reason that we brought him because we saw him do this in the playoffs last year and we knew he was capable of it and now he’s starting to show it.” 

On Tyler Seguin’s recent play:

“He’s back to second and third effort on the draw. He went through that period of three games where the second and third effort wasn’t there and he wasn’t winning faceoffs. He was losing all the scramble faceoffs and now he’s winning them all. To me, it’s effort based and it’s really good to see. He really dug in the last two games. He’s had success offensively and he’s had success on the dot because of it.”

Stars Forward Jamie Benn
On the feeling of tonight’s win:

“It’s exciting. It was a smash-mouth victory and I thought our fans were the all-stars in overtime tonight.”

How long were you thinking about that line:

“I just made it up.”

On the importance of the penalty kill in overtime:

“It’s huge. Our goalie made some big saves there. Our penalty killers stepped up and succeeded in a tough task with lots of pressure against a great power play. We did a hell of a job tonight in that area and were fortunate enough to get the win in the shootout.”

On how the team is feeling going into the break with two straight wins:

“We’re trying to improve every day and every game. It’s important for us to keep winning in the division if we want to make up some room. I think that was a big confidence boost beating Chicago and Nashville tonight.” 

Stars Goaltender Ben Bishop
On the 5-on-3 in overtime:

“You just have to battle through. Obviously, they have a good power play too. You don’t want to put yourself in that situation, but when you do you have to find a way out of it and the guys did a great job, made some big plays there on the penalty kill and then you get into the shootout and obviously anyone can win in the shootout. It was nice to survive that power play and get the win.”

On getting the win against a good team:

“You want to do anything you can to get the win. They got a couple in the first, but it was one of those things where it was early enough. One fluke play and one good shot, it wasn’t like they were jamming it down our throat. So we felt pretty confident coming in after the first period and were able to regroup there and then a good second and third period too. Obviously, gave up a power play goal there, but when we kill off the power plays in overtime it kind of makes up for it.”

On his strategy in the shootout:

“It kind of is, but you just have to practice, practice a lot. I’ve been working on it almost every day after practice now. I worked on it yesterday, so it’s nice to see it work out. The big thing, too, is you have to have some guys that can score goals. When you have [Alexander Radulov], [Jason Spezza] and [Tyler Seguin] going out and putting goals in the net, it obviously makes it easier for the goalie. Definitely a lot of credit goes to those guys, and then just try to make the saves when you need to.”   

Predators Head Coach Peter Laviolette

On tonight’s game:

“We can’t take four minor penalties. That’s controllable. We didn’t do a good job controlling. For me, it probably turned in the second [period] when they scored two goals and took the lead. We got by the four penalties, but again it just kills the bench.”

On missed opportunities in overtime:

“We need to score a goal. We are in a situation where we are up a man, two men and we have to score a goal and finish the game.”

On what the team can think about heading into the break:

“The game just ended. We’ll take care of that when we get home.”

Predators Defenseman Roman Josi

On the penalties in tonight’s game:

“We have been talking about it for how long, the whole year? But, we still take four penalties in the first period. We were up 2-0 and took four penalties. They are a good team, you can’t just kill off every penalty. It’s not very smart.”

On not taking advantage of opportunities in overtime:

“I take a lot of responsibility on myself. We had a long time to play 4-on-3 and even 5-on-3. We just have to find a way to score. All of us guys out there, we just have to score. With that much time you have to put the game away.”

On mindset going into the holiday break:

“We have to be confident. I think every team goes through these phases and obviously the last three games wasn’t the result we wanted. We didn’t play the way that we wanted. We are a confident group and we are a pretty honest group and I think everyone knows that we can play a lot better. But for now, we have to enjoy Christmas tomorrow and forget about hockey, get away from hockey for a little bit. Then, I am sure everyone’s going to come back hungry and then we know we’ve got to be better. We have to stay confident and come back positive.”