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Stars-Blackhawks Postgame Quotes

Here are some quotes following Thursday’s Dallas Stars-Chicago Blackhawks game which the Stars won 4-0. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On his 800th victory:

“Congratulations from Joel [Quenneville] means more than anything.  We came in [the League] together and we’ve had so much mutual respect for each other.  We helped each other along the way when we were both in the down-and-outs. Coming from him it means more than the number.”

On the Stars’ play tonight:

“I didn’t think we had a handle on the game at the start.  It’s two teams that play a different style and I thought they had a bead into us at the start.  Then, we scored our first goal, our game started to control them for a little while.  I thought we did a really good job in the second period playing the way we had to play to beat them.  They got loose on us again in the third and it’s funny, when you play Chicago you’re always on edge.  You’re not really in control of anything because of their speed and skill off the rush.  I thought we did a really good job after we scored the first goal, when [Jamie Benn] scored, that really helped us calm down and get back to our game.  I think our game gives them trouble and their game gives us trouble and we just had about 18 real good minutes.”

On the play of Tyler Seguin:

“That line was much better and they had sustained offensive zone play.  They were good off the rush and tenacious off the puck.  That’s the kind of game we expect from that line and when that line plays like that, it helps us.  I think the big thing with [Tyler Seguin] is the numbers are down a little bit mostly because of the power play.  Because we haven’t been able to sustain a high level on the power play.  The goal we scored was a typical hard-working power play goal and then we get the one in the third period and we fluttered it away.  There’s too much fluttering it away and that’s something we’ve got to talk about.  Because of the way we play [Radek] Faksa’s line we sacrifice an element of our game and we need the 1-2 punch coming through for us and they did tonight.”

On Seguin’s power play role:

“It’s more we want him as what we call a rover.  He has the option to play in the slot on the line.  He’s the guy that can move in-and-out of position so he has three places he can play depending on the set we’re looking at.  Early on the power play we want him on the inside and then he has the ability, sometimes he’s on the outside and it’s based on what the PK guys are doing.  He’s a rover and has the ability to play three different places so he’s unpredictable.  He knows, and everybody knows, it’s coming to the net.  He’s better when he’s in the traffic.  He’s got a strong stick, he gets the shot away, he has strong hands and we need him in the scoring area more.”

On the Stars taking a step forward:

“This was a hard game, mentally and physically hard.  Both teams knew what was at stake.  Both teams wanted to get in the 40’s.  Playing in these games, for our guys, is good for us.  We’ve got another unbelievably hard game coming in two days and it’s going to be just as hard or harder.  Playing in these games is giving us the experience but we’ve been playing at this level for now almost a month.  Getting rewarded is a bigger help and rewarded for good play is helping us.  It’s allowing our younger guys to grow into the group at a quicker rate.”

On the team’s lack of penalties:

“We checked well but we weren’t careless.  We didn’t over-pursue and hunt and get caught going the wrong way.  Our tow-caps were pointed in the right direction so our angles were better.  We’re getting better at it.”

On the Stars’ 29 blocked shots:

“We haven’t really talked about that but they had a lot of zone time so if you don’t block them they’re going to go in the net.  They use the top of the zone so well that it’s hard to defend.  We got in the lanes and did a really good job but that’s the one element of our game we’ve got to get better at, our D-zone coverage.  We’re improving but we’ve got elements that need to get a lot better but I like that we stayed in lanes and didn’t chase people, that’s a good sign.”

On playing teams like Chicago:

“I think its respect.  We have so much respect for them and I think they’re giving us the respect that we’re due now.  In this division we don’t want to be an afterthought, we want to be a prime-time player.  Wherever we end up, we end up, but we want people to pay attention to us.”

Stars Goaltender Ben Bishop

On importance of tonight’s win:

“We just had a couple frustrating losses in overtime the last two games, so it’s nice to keep pushing there and finally breakthrough and get the win tonight in regulation. We had some guys step up, and it’s always fun to win at home, especially when there are some other fans in the stands. It’s nice.”

On Bishop’s play:

“It was nice. With the way things have gone the past couple of games, it was nice to get some breaks, a couple posts and some big blocks by the guys. Especially when we were up 4-0 on that power play and I think we had four or five blocks. That just says a lot about the guys that are out there. It’s a big win and hopefully we can do it again once more before the break.”

On replicating this performance against Nashville:

“They’re one of the best teams in the League right now, so it will be a good test for us. We know what they’re all about, and obviously they’ve beaten us twice now, so we know we have to bring our A-game. It’s one before break, so I expect both teams to be going all out so it should be a good game.”

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin

On the importance of this win and being 3-0 versus Chicago this year:

“It was a good game. A great game. There was a lot of stuff that we probably would not have done in the third period if we weren’t up by four goals that I’m sure we will talk about tomorrow and clean up, but it was a great hockey game.”

On scoring two goals tonight:

“It feels good, especially when you’re in a bit of a slump. It gets the weight off your shoulders a bit. I felt like I was doing a lot of good things. Some was bad puck luck, but some stuff was catching up to me and I started cheating a bit, so I definitely was thinking about getting back to the basics and trying to be greasy and happy with tonight’s result.”

On Ken Hitchcock getting his 800th win tonight:

“It’s impressive. I mean, what can you say? His resume speaks for himself and he’s a heck of a coach. He’s made a lot of players better over his time and he’s going to be making me better, so good for him. That was awesome.”

Blackhawks Head Coach Joel Quenneville
On tonight’s game:

“I thought we had a good start. We were doing a lot of good things and then they scored and we stopped playing at the pace that we have to play at. They were winning all the battles, pucks were going through us, and we didn’t have any zone time with threats.” 

On if hitting the posts early changed the momentum of the game:

“We had a couple really good looks in the first period. Those two looks that hit the post could have put us in a better spot. I just thought we really lost a lot of gas when they did score. We needed something like that to get us excited.”

On his concern for losing games within the division:

“I liked how we responded in the last two games. Being off a couple of days it looked like we got out of sorts as the game went on. We played two of our most complete games back-to-back all year. Tonight, things were trending in the wrong direction.”

On the play of Richard Panik:

“He was okay. I don’t think anybody was great.”

Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews

On tonight’s game:

“Yeah, I mean again we only have ourselves to blame there. That effort was unlike the efforts we have seen the last five or six games. It was not consistent the way we have been lately. So, we have to get back to the things we were doing well before. I think we kind of let pucks go through us, we were not, I mean I think we were plenty physical. But, on loose pucks we have to get our bodies in there first and win those stick battles, and come up with pucks, and give each other the right support. Otherwise you end up chasing the majority of the night the way we did tonight.”

On the Star’s physicality:

“Well, they are a fast team, and they want the puck and they hold on to it. I think for us it is wanting to do the same. I think we just get a little quick and a little impatient with it. We feel like there is pressure and we chip it to no one and when we have more space and time, then we realize it. Again, sometimes just shielding the puck with our body, keeping it alive until we see where our support is. Like I said, just being stronger on our stick and coming up with pucks when they are loose.”

Blackhawks Forward Brandon Saad

On tonight’s loss and their lack of execution tonight:

“You could say they played well, but I think a lot has to do with our preparation. We didn’t seem ready to play tonight and it showed.”

On the effort not being there after several days off after happening before:

“Yeah, we had a break so there’s really no excuse for lack of energy. For some reason, whether we got caught sleeping with less games this week or something else, there’s no excuses for that.”

On losing three straight to Dallas:

“Yeah, it’s something that’s talked about. These always seem to come down towards the end of the year where, even though it’s still mid-season, they matter at the end of the year. So, these divisional games are huge. The other two were closer and it’s tough to lose in overtime and a shootout, but tonight we just got embarrassed.”

On second periods being an issue this year and Dallas scoring three goals in the second tonight:

“I think, like you said, we know we can play a full 60 minutes with the past few games that we did it, but tonight, for some reason, and not just in the second period even though they scored three, we needed to stay out of the box. They have a good power play and they capitalized on their chances. We turned way too many pucks over and they ended up in the back of our net.”