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Stars-Capitals Postgame Quotes

Here are some quotes following Tuesday’s Dallas Stars-Washington Capitals game which the Capitals won 4-3 in overtime. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On the Stars’ play tonight:

“The third goal shouldn’t have gone in. We got beat on the boards three times and the puck was in the net because of it. We didn’t have awareness of the puck. We had earned the right to finish the game off strong. We got beat off the boards twice and they made a play. Game over.”

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin
On what you take away from tonight’s game:

“A lot of good things. The last two goals could have been avoided for sure. I thought (Alexander Radulov) had a great goal there, timely goal there. A couple of us lose our guy on the boards. I know I got walked off the boards there; a guy in the slot buries it right after we get that big goal. We try to move on quick, but then it’s back in the net in overtime. A lot of good things throughout the game, but yeah, it stinks.”

On the power play scoring a goal tonight:

“Yeah, good stuff. We had more shots, more opportunities, won more battles and happy to get one and keep it going.”

Stars Defenseman Dan Hamhuis

On positives from a loss:

“You’re never OK with losing, you want to find a way to get the two points, especially with the lead with four or five minutes left in the game. You want to be able to close those ones out. They have an extremely talented team up and down that lineup and it was challenging. I think we did a lot of good stuff as a team defensively and offensively, and our special teams were real good tonight, but it would have been nice to get the two points.”

On his chances in the third period:

“I think it was Tyler and Devin Shore who were doing a great job of winning their battles down low and it created some space in front for me and Tyler made a nice pass across. It’s too bad we couldn’t connect and put it in there, it would have been nice, but [Alexander] Radulov put one in later.”

On deflating feeling of the tying goal:

“It was really deflating, we were obviously quite pumped up after [Radulov] scored to go ahead that late in the game and that’s where you really want to close those games out and ensure that you get the two points. It was a big blow for sure.”

Stars Forward Gemel Smith

On optimism from the game:

“We knew they were a good team and I think we played good for the most part. It would have been better to get the win, but I feel like we can take some good things away from there.”

On deflating feeling of the tying goal:

“It happens. We’ve got to respond better after we score and that’s obviously something we’re going to work on, but it was definitely deflating.”

Capitals Head Coach Barry Trotz
On tonight’s game:

“It was a fast game. I thought both teams did a lot of good things. As coaches, I think there will be times where we both wish our guys weren’t as loose with the puck. They are a good hockey team. I thought we handled a lot of their skill guys very well. We had a good response all game. I thought our bench was real calm. Even when Radulov scored, we had a real good shift, they ended up coming down and scoring and we had a great response. [Brett] Connolly scores and then you have a big save in overtime from [Braden Holtby] and then we go down and score. It was nice to see [Andre Burakovsky] back on the goal-scoring chart. He was pressing the past couple games so it was nice to get him a couple, and I thought we got contributions through the entire lineup, which is really good.”

On what he thought when he saw Dmitry Orlov’s goal:

“I was like everyone else: Holy you know what. That one we’ll play again. That one had the wow factor. I thought he played exceptionally well all game and obviously that goal, you’ll see it a few times in the next couple years.”

On what they need to do better in the middle period:

“Well the middle period, we’ve been exiting okay. We get through the neutral zone and we’re just trying to carry it too much and when we do make a play it’s a light play. We have to be a little firmer with the puck. Just make some harder decisions, and when I say harder, every play we make has to be a hard play. If we are going to make a pass through the neutral zone it has to be tape-to-tape. It has to be high percentage. If we are going to chip it behind and recover then we have to have good support on the puck. We’re just caught in between a little between in the second period so we just have to be a little better.”

Capitals Goaltender Braden Holtby

On the win tonight:

“Yeah it is obviously a gutsy win on our part. It feels nice to win in this building finally against that team. They are a good team, they create a lot of chances. And I think we got timely scoring tonight. We got a big performance out of [Andre Burakovsky’s] line and I think that will be good for them going through this trip. It will give them a little confidence and move on to these next two games, and we want to go into the Christmas break on a good note.”

On Andre’s performance tonight:

“I mean he is still pretty young, figuring out the mental game. And games like this are definitely going to help him. He’s got all the tools; world class shot obviously, and everyone knows that. I think tonight he used a little deception, he change the way he released the puck. It’s a good thing, I think [Scott Murray] kind of went over some stuff with him after last game, trying to let him inside the goalie’s mind and you can tell those two shots tonight, those are going to go in on most goalies.”

Capitals Left Wing Andre Burakovsky

On his feeling going into the game:

“I just felt really good in the morning skate, this morning. In the warmup, during the warmup, I felt great too and I had a really good feeling going into this game. I like to play here, good atmosphere, good fans, and it is a fast type of hockey, that’s what I like. It was a lot of up and down today, a lot of skating, so it is the type of games I like. It was a fun night.”