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Stars postgame quotes

Here are some quotes from the Dallas Stars following their 2-1 overtime loss to the Philadelphia Flyers Saturday night. These quotes are provided by Flyers PR.

Stars head coach Ken Hitchcock

Ken we talked an awful lot on this trip about special teams, about discipline. Tonight the game is there for the taking. 

“Well it didn’t undo us. It was two really poor penalties by a good player. It’s not team discipline, it’s individual. It’s disappointing to fight like we fought and battle. Come off, playing hard like this off a back to back it’s really disappointing to take those two penalties at the end of the game.”

What would you like to see him learn from this?

“Well first thing, I think the player should visit with the team. Talk there and see. You would hope with as hard as we played something would register, but we’ll see.”

What do you take away as a positive? 

“The positive we take from this is our role players did exactly what they needed to do. Our roles players were outstanding and that’s what led us to good team play five on five. They’re doing their job. We need the impact players to get up another gear. We played really good teams out here and we are more than competitive. In some cases way better than some of the teams here. But at the end of the day, we’re not going to get any better until our impact players have a strong, positive impact in the game on a consistent basis. We can’t continue to have the role players on the hockey club carry the hockey club. We need more from the people, you know exactly who I’m talking about, they need to come through to carry us to the next level.”

How about Bishop?

“He was outstanding.”

Is it good to see?

“Yeah he was focused and outstanding. You could tell all during the day he was going to play like this. If he plays like this, this gives us a chance to win every night. But we’re not going to be a consistent winning hockey club. We’re going to be competitive as hell, but we’re not going to be consistent winning until the message is drawn into the top players. When it’s drawn into the top players, then we’ll get a change or we’ll even go to another gear.”

When you’re not getting that, is that a question of-

“I don’t know.”

Stars RW Alexander Radulov

Alexander, are there any moral victories to be taken from a game like tonight? You get the point. You are two-two-one at the end of the road trip. 

“I think it’s on me today. I couldn’t take those penalties. You got to deal with your emotions. Sometimes you get elbowed in the face and you don’t get calls. I got frustrated and took stupid penalties. I put my team on their knees, can’t do that. I take responsibility for that and make sure it never happens again.”

You weren’t the only one, but this team…

“Yeah, it was during the game, it’s fine. But in overtime, it’s always tough one. Like I said, I am not going to fight and put blame on someone. It’s on me. It is what it is. I got to work on it, on my emotion, on my stick when I play defense. Just be better.”

Are you guys doing enough, do you think, to draw more penalties for more opportunities on the power play?


“I think we did a lot of good things. We tried to go in those hard areas, in the slot. Somehow we didn’t get those calls, but that’s what happens. Sometimes you get those calls, sometimes you don’t. It’s hockey. You have to be patient. You have to be strong mentally and not take those ones, the one I took. Basically that’s it.”

Ben Bishop tonight…

“Yeah, he was unbelievable. That’s the thing. I think whole team play good. We played back-to-back so it’s not like we’re fresh. Like I said, Bishop gave us a chance. He was unbelievable today. Most of the guys were good.”

Dallas Stars LW Jamie Benn 

(Inaudible)…road trip like this losing 2-1, you get the point here tonight is there some disappointment not coming up with the win here?

“We came into the third game in four nights you want to give yourself the best chance to win.  1-1 going into the third, take it to overtime I think that there’s a lot of positives there, but the negatives to give yourself a chance to win you gotta stay out of the penalty box. Take whatever how many penalties tonight, two power play goals shoots you in the butt and they won the game because of that.” 

That’s an ongoing issue I think for this team is the special teams battle and the power play’s struggle, you don’t get as many opportunities and then when you give up as many as you did tonight I mean is that just focus or why do you think this is a problem moving forward?

You gotta be mentally sharp out there and you gotta know especially with these guys.  They got a good power play, they got two good groups of five out there and especially that first power play is pretty deadly. So that’s on us we took penalties in the offensive zone which is definitely a negative and like I said it’s a tough way to lose the game.” 

Ben Bishop was excellent tonight after not starting for three games that must be (inaudible).

“Yeah phenomenal he played a great game, kept us in it made some huge saves to keep us in it there. I thought he was real sharp for not playing for a while.” 

Do you think that was interference tonight on that last play though?

“I guess not.” 

Did they give you an explanation of what happened at all or?


Dallas G Ben Bishop 

Ben, first of all take us through the overtime goal, what did you see and what were your thoughts on how it ended?

“I didn’t have my stick there so I was just kind of holding Simmonds. I thought we cleared the puck and the next thing I knew (Gostisbehere) was coming right down the slot and obviously I didn’t have a stick so he made a pretty heads up play just throwing it on the ice and that was it.”

Is there a moral victory in getting the point and finish a road trip at 2-2-1, or was it a disappointment in maybe letting this one get away from you?

“No, I think you got to look at the positive.  You want to get as many points as you do road games and we obviously came out after 5 points after 4 games and that’s what you want to do.  You got to look at the positive there and now we have a homestand here and I think getting the 5 points in these 4 games is something positive moving forward.”

Jamie (Benn) mentioned when you take that many penalties, it makes it difficult to win, especially on the road. Is that a concern moving forward?

“It is pretty obvious if you look at the first two games in New York we didn’t take one and then the Islanders we took a couple when it was 5-nothing or 5-1 and we won both those games and then obviously last night in Jersey we took way too many penalties and tonight we took way too many penalties. It’s hard to win on the road especially against some of these teams that have really good power plays and you just kind of shoot yourself in the foot.  We did a good job of salvaging a point there and got to take the positive, but obviously it’s kind of evident these 4 games, 2 games we were really disciplined and won both and then two games where we took a couple too many penalties. The guys aren’t taking dumb penalties, they are working hard and just kind of getting called so you cant fault them for taking penalties, but obviously we have to be more disciplined on the road.”

How do you feel? First time in three starts, you look sharp out there. How did you feel about your game tonight?

“Yeah, you know I felt good I just try to do the same thing night in and night out, no different tonight.  We got a lot of work on the PK and you know we did a pretty good job some big blocks and we got to take the positive, we got a point in a tough building, got to get ready for the homestand now.”