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Stars-Blackhawks Postgame Quotes

Here are some quotes following Saturday’s Dallas Stars-Chicago Blackhawks game which the Stars won 3-2 in a shootout. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On how the Stars are currently playing:

“We’re doing what you want a team to do and that is battle for each other.  We’re making each other accountable on a high level and helping each other on the bench.  I think we’re going to have to play a lot better than we’re playing right now to get a playoff spot but I like that fact that we’re really trying to help each other.  That’s the biggest change, we’re not just expecting to play well or just going out and playing; we’re really grinding and helping each other.  The players are doing a great job in between periods and doing a great job on the bench.  Reminding each other and helping each other.  I think it’s forging a bond on the team that we need to get points.  Can we play better?  Yes, there’s a lot of team play that’s going to have to get better and more individuals that we need more from.  What I like is that there is a group of guys really trying to help each other.”

On the productivity of the Stars’ top offensive line:

“I think you look at scoring chances and you like what you see.  I want them to set the tempo for us, they do but it takes a little while.  If I can get them to get going a little quicker, that will help us.  It’s about winning too and they’re helping us in a number of other areas.  With no (Martin) Hanzal, the burden on (Jamie) Benn and (Tyler) Seguin to kill a lot more penalties than normally we would have wanted them to.  That’s where it is right now.  They’re helping us win hockey games in other areas that also make a big difference.”

On the 3-on-3 overtime:

“I couldn’t see a damn thing.  I’ve got tall defensemen who refuse to sit down so I missed 90% of it, I’ll have to look at it.  Finally, I yelled at them to sit down so I could see what was going on.  I had no idea who was even on the ice, the whole bench was up so I never saw a damn thing to be honest with you.  I saw the save that Ben (Bishop) made and then I kept seeing 88 (Patrick Kane) on 2-on-1’s which makes you nervous at times.”

On the Stars’ penalties:

“Too many men on the ice is my responsibility.  It’s the same Cowboy doing it so we’ll fix that tomorrow morning and we’ll get that straightened out.”

Stars Forward Radek Faksa

Is this your best streak:

“I just feel confident. The whole team feels confident. If we keep winning it’s more fun and we feel confident. You can tell on the ice we play well together and its way different than the start of the season.”

On beating Chicago twice in three days and what needs to happen for a win tomorrow:

“We need to have a good start tomorrow in Denver. It is a tough place to play and we have to play the whole 60 minutes; how we played in Chicago and Vegas. I think if we play like that we have a chance to win.”

On if he thinks this team has turned a corner

“Yeah for sure. We have a great team. So, just putting the puzzle together, I think we are getting better and better every game.” 

On tonight’s overtime period:

“It was fun. It was up and down so we have to be careful, especially against players like [Patrick] Kane. I think we did well even in Chicago and it’s tough, it can be one bad change or something. I think we played very well.”

Stars Forward Alexander Radulov

On the team’s confidence:

“Like I said before, it’s a long season. Sometimes there’s ups and sometimes there’s downs. Right now, we’ve got four in a row. We’ve just got to stick with it, and work hard and work as a team and five guys on the ice and give everything you’ve got. Play smart, play playoff hockey and we’re going to be in good shape.”

On playing in a playoff atmosphere like tonight:

“We all know that Chicago is in our division. It’s a big two points for us. I know they want to bounce back from the last game, and we were ready for it. I think we played a solid game. With shootouts, you never know, it can go the other way. But we’ll take that.”

On goalie Ben Bishop’s performance:

“He’s a hell of a goalie. I was saying that even before this season when I was playing against him. I knew that, but we’ve got to help him. We’ve got to help him even more, get in front of those shots and block those shots. Because he’s there for us and we’ve got to be there for him too.” 

Blackhawks Coach Joel Quenneville

On how his team played tonight:

“Tonight we had a solid first period and a solid third period and had the off-switch in the second. In the overtime period we were alright as well. But, we’ll take the point but certainly tonight maybe we were fortunate to get one [point].”

On his goaltender’s play tonight:

“He was good. He gave us a chance. He had some great looks and some good chances with some people at the net and had some dangerous zone time. We had a 2-2 game on the road with a chance to win it in OT, so you don’t mind your chances.”

On the lack of success in OT so far this year compared to recent years:

“Yeah, I think it’s what the puck does and it carries over from our game, like in five-on-five, four-on-four and three-on-three. We can manage it way better and that’s where it shows up more.”

Blackhawks Goaltender Anton Forsberg

On the frustrating loss:

“Of course it’s tough not winning, but it was a decent job here on the road and we played a tight game. It’s tough not getting the two points and we have to move on and look for our next game we can’t do anything else now.”

On the hectic overtime:

“I don’t know, I don’t really think out there that much. For sure looked more hectic from the stands.”

On how comfortable he felt tonight:

“It for sure felt like I was in it right away, it wasn’t that long since I had my last start. I felt pretty comfortable. They have a lot of good players on their team and obviously I respect all their shooters and all of that and I have to keep playing my game and I felt like I did a pretty good job of doing that today.”

Blackhawks Defenseman Cody Franson

On tonight’s game:

“Anytime you lose in shootout or overtime in back-to-back games like that, especially in division games, it’s frustrating. We were a little too sloppy in this one tonight. They’re a group of guys that feed off of transition and we didn’t manage the puck quite well enough. I think if we had done a little better there, we would have given ourselves a win before it went to overtime.”

On staying tied throughout the game:

“It was one of those games where we didn’t have our best night, but we were still in it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to close it up.”

On takeaways from the past two games:

“With as tight as everything is, losing those extra points hurts. But, at the same time, we’ve got a quick turnaround; we’ve got a game tomorrow. We’ve got to realize what gave us troubles, what gave us success and come out with a real solid effort and turn it around tomorrow.”