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Stars-Flames Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes from Friday’s Dallas Stars-Calgary Flames game which the Stars won 6-4. These quotes are from Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On the importance of a game like tonight:

“I just think that coming back and winning a hockey game really builds confidence. That is the most important part. The score’s not relevant for us. The contribution by role players helped a lot. We got a goal from Faksa’s line, we got a goal from Hanzal’s line. That really helped us a lot. But being down a goal and staring at that and then playing the way we did to bring it back. Six or seven chances on the five on three, glorious chances, Smith made some real saves. Feels good. Wins are wins but this one feels good and they are going to be able to sit on it for a day or two.”

On the importance of Martin Hanzal:

”Part of the reason we split up Benn and Seguin was that Marty wasn’t in and maybe we can put it back at some period of time when Hanzal is up and running. He was good until he ran out of gas in the third, but he helps. He helps a lot. He manages the game properly and it allows other centers to look at him and know how to play the position. He plays the position so well, with or without the puck that you don’t have to be quick if you’re smart and he plays smart. It helps us because the other guys look at us and know that is the right way to play.”

On Seguin’s big night after transitioning lines:

“I looked at it for a different reason other than today. I looked at it if I could put together a line with Seguin on it he should score more. The goal was to get him to score more. I felt he could be more of a productive offensive player if I got him a different match. If I started him in the offensive zone, if I got him a softer match at the end of the day he could be a significant point producer and give us a gap. He did that today but that was the goal from day one, was to get him into a scoring mode and hopefully put a line together that could do it.”

On Stephen Johns:

“Not really because we aren’t exactly sure what it is. We’re not sure where it is, what it is or I mean he hit his back he hit a little bit of his head. He hit the middle of the back and his shoulder. We will get a better evaluation in the morning but it’s sore in a number of areas.”

On Tyler Seguin’s progression at this point in the season:

“As I’ve said before he’s really good from the red line back, and you know he is more than capable against any center in the league from the red line back. We’re trying to get him to be one from the red line in, that’s why games like to day they help give him the confidence that he can go into the hard areas and have success offensively. But he is already an accomplished player from the red line back. He reads the game well, he’s competitive as hell that part is really safe and good but we would like to see if we could get him extended a little bit beyond this.”

On Julius Honka:

“He was okay. Tough go because he comes in the game playing with a right shot on the left side. Which means you’re not passing the puck to a person in an area, you’re actually spending the whole game passing the puck to a person behind him. It was difficult transition at times. There was a little bit of hesitation, not his fault, but I thought he was okay. The way the league is right now we are going to have to find more mobility back there. Whether it is by moving the puck quicker or by skating more. For us to get to another level we will have to look at playing him a little bit.”

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin

On the importance of winning a game like this one:

“I mean that felt like a playoff game from the first shift. Obviously they’re a good team and you know how we’ve been against the West, so we were ready to come out and compete. I loved our game from goalie out, now we just have to figure out how we can play like this at home and why we can’t play like that on the road. So that is what we have to talk about. We have a weekend off pretty much, Sunday, Monday, back to work so we’ve got time digest this win and what clicked tonight and how we can bring this on the road and get two big wins in Vegas and Chicago.”

On taking on more responsibility:

“I think the biggest thing for me, personally I liked my start to the year, you know. Then we switched lines to balance things out and I kind of have been trying to figure out that role a little bit. Obviously I’ve been so used to playing with a guy like Jamie Benn and [Alexander] Radulov, just because they are experienced guys and offensive thinking. My line has been kind of rotating guys but tonight I thought we were connecting and figuring it out.”

Stars Forward Alexander Radulov

On the importance of tonight’s win:

“Well, it’s huge. Obviously, we’ve been in these situations so far this season a few times, but we couldn’t come back. I’ll say we were falling apart in the third. But today, we stick with it. I think we still have to prove defensively, like we can’t give up those odd-man rushes and the goals they scored. But, it was great by everyone and we gave everything. Some lucky bounces there and found a way to win. That’s huge and we’re going to try and build momentum off of that.”

On Tyler Seguin’s hat trick performance tonight:

“It’s huge, we all know he’s a world class goal scorer and we need him. He was quiet for a bit in the past, but we know that it’s hard in this league to score. Today he was outstanding. He was flying and he did everything right, and he got the hat trick. So it’s good for us, good for him too.”

On getting goals from all four lines:

“That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to play hard. All of the lines are there, and Hitch is trying to play everybody because all four lines can score goals and play good defensively. But like I said before, we have to work on our defensive zone, it’s not a secret.”

Flames Head Coach Glen Gulutzan

On tonight’s performance:

“I thought we played a pretty good game right until the 10-minute mark of the third. We had a huge penalty kill. I thought the guys did an excellent job in a 5-on-3. Then, all of a sudden, we self-inflicted ourselves. We had pucks under perfect control, made a bad pass, made another bad pass and it ends up being in your net. Same thing again on a couple other plays, we had full control of the puck and we’re just not secure with it and it cost us. It’s been going on the last couple games – tonight it caught us.”

On the team’s sense of self-belief:

“We’re not losing belief because we shoot ourselves once here. In the last couple games we’ve done it. Dodged a bullet in Columbus, got hit today. Got to learn from it and keep moving.”

On giving Dallas too many offensive chances:

“You’re going to give up chances. There’s chances in every game that’s played in this league. The problem is we don’t need to give them up. It’s like in tennis, you don’t want to hit the ball in the net. Just get it over, and let them beat you. What we’re doing is w’re self-inflicting ourselves with some needless plays. Not high-risk plays, just simple plays we’re just not executing, and it’s costly.”

Flames Defenseman Dougie Hamilton

On how the game slipped away:

“I think we kept getting leads and then just blowing them. Every time we would get a goal we would give up a goal. That kind of killed it for us. We couldn’t hold onto the lead and play with the lead and I think that’s what hurt us.”

On cleaning up turnovers:

“Just like you said, clean it up. We didn’t play great today. We had some good offense from Jonny [Gaudreau’s] line and got some goals, but other than that I don’t know if we had too many great chances. Jagr had a couple in that line, but like you said, those turnovers hurt us.”

Flames Defenseman Travis Hamonic

On the loss being mental or execution:

“Both. Execution comes from being mentally ready and there are some things we did good in the game, but there are certainly a lot of errors that we have to clean up. We’ve been talking about it for a while and we have to put a full 60 together as a group. It’s tough to trade chances with a team like that off the rush. They’re going to hurt you. They’ve got a lot of guys and they proved it. It’s a quick turnaround for us, a team that is playing well in Colorado, so we have to get there and finish the road trip on a positive end for our group.”

On having belief:

“Yeah, 100%. We’re a good team and we believe we’re a good team. We believe in one another and that area is not creeping into our game whatsoever as a team. We believe in the group that we have on the ice and we know that we can do it. We just have to go out there and do it, execute. We know we have it here and we’re ready to keep pushing forward. We have to come back with a good effort and I know we will tomorrow.”