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Stars-Canadiens Postgame Quotes

Here are some postgame quotes following Tuesday’s Dallas Stars-Montreal Canadiens game which the Stars won 3-1. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On tonight’s game:

“I thought the game was great. It was a playoff game with two desperate teams. They had a little momentum at the start, they had us checking them and we took over for a lot of the second and then they pushed hard in the third, that’s playoff hockey. It’s a battle. There’s no room, there’s no space, every puck battle matters. You make a mistake and it’s usually pretty critical. This is the way we’re going to have to play to win.”

On the Spezza-Shore-Seguin line:

“I was doing a lot of juggling today because I just have to treat every game individually. I’m not looking for long-term chemistry. The twosomes don’t change but the threesomes do. When I didn’t see a lot of energy, I had to find it somewhere and they gave us great energy. Jamie (Benn) was really trying to elevate our team game in the second period and then that line gave us energy and it started to flow from there. When it looked like it was working, I stayed with the same lines the rest of the game.”

On the Stars’ penalty kill:

“We were just more competitive from the drop of the puck. We won faceoffs, killed penalties. We weren’t defending for the first minute. We did a lot of good things. We ended up with a short-handed chance on the breakaway. There was a lot of good stuff from both teams. Montreal played really hard, gave us a big test and we answered the bell.”

On the Stars’ back-to-back goals:

“When we watched the last couple of games we thought if we could get them to roam around their net then we would get our second chances. We thought we were going to get second chances. They were so good defensively in the first period that we weren’t getting anything. They kept us to the outside and then we started penetrating in the second period, we started to do some things that we’re capable of. Our size started to take over a little bit. I thought Montreal played a heck of a game and I thought our team really did for 50 minutes. It was really a playoff game. I think both teams felt that.”

On going on the road immediately after a win:

“I don’t think like that.  Right now it’s a four-point game tomorrow, it’s a division game. I don’t look at it road or home, we’ve got to win division games if we want to be a playoff team. We’ve got a rested opponent. An opponent who’s been sitting home for the last four days and that’s going to be a significant challenge for us. We’re going to have to go in there and play well. We played very well our last time in there and we’re going to have to follow it up with a similar effort.”

On the Seguin-Shore combination:

“I just think its two smart players. When you put them together and they work as hard as they do, they’re going to have great chemistry. I thought (Jason) Spezza added a lot to that line too. Spezza’s more a playmaker and that line looked good today.”

On the play of Ben Bishop:

“He’s starting to really come on. This has now been five periods when he’s been very impressive. He looks like he’s competing hard in the net and that’s a good sign for us right now. We need it.” 

Stars Goaltender Ben Bishop

On the change in momentum after Montreal’s goal in the second period:

“I think that first goal was kind of a wakeup call. Those last ten minutes of the second period, we really took it to them and had a couple of really good shifts. We had that momentum going into the third and we just took a couple too many penalties there. But, the penalty kill came up huge and it was a big empty net goal by [Tyler] Seguin and with back-to-back games it’s good to get those first two points.”

On the importance of Devin Shore and Jason Spezza, who waited awhile to get going offensively, scoring in back-to-back games:

“Obviously, [Jason] Spezza has almost 900 points in this league, so it was only a matter of time for him, and [Devin] Shore has been working hard and it’s good to see him get rewarded there. It’s one of those things where you are not too worried about it and you have to play the law of averages. It’s not going to be like that forever and those are some good players that are going to get points for us. It’s a big win before we head to Colorado tomorrow.”

On playing tomorrow and playing back-to-back nights and the struggles this team has had on the road so far:

“Well, maybe this will be a better thing from us with leaving late from home the night before. It’s a big two points and a division game. They are playing well and they’ve won some games of late, so we have to be on our game. We want to get there as quick as we can and try to come home with another two points.”

Stars Forward Devin Shore

On scoring two games in a row:

“It just goes to show, that’s hockey. You ask any veteran, or coach or anyone whose been around the game a long time, sometimes it seems like it’s impossible and sometimes they come in bunches. Hopefully, if you work hard over the long term it works out. Right now, in the short term it feels good, feels good to contribute. I’m pumped we got a win after going down and showing resiliency – that’s really good for us.”

On taking a little while to get going in the game tonight:

“I think it’s easier to say because we got the result, so we’re happy with that. And it’s easier to say, “Okay, now we need to work on our starts.” But then again, that’s something you’re always working on. That’s a box we didn’t check off tonight, and that’s going to happen sometimes. The good thing is we get to do it all over again tomorrow on the road where starts might be even more important. We’re looking to fix that. It’s a results-driven business, and tonight we got the result so that’s good.”

On the importance of tomorrow’s game against the Avalanche:

“Really important, you said it all. They’re ahead of us in the standings, divisional game on the road. Those are a lot of things that we’re looking to improve on. 20 games in, we’re right in the thick of it right now, so it’s time to get going. But we’re excited, it’s going to be a good opportunity, and I think we’re up for the challenge.”

Canadiens Head Coach Claude Julien

On how the guys felt after allowing two quick goals:

“I think we still had a chance in the third. We missed a couple of scoring chances, a couple of pucks there in the crease. That’s the disappointing thing about tonight, is those two quick goals right there again. As I mentioned, we should have been on the power play when that first goal was scored. When a guy crosschecks and breaks his stick over a player, that’s usually a penalty. Disappointed. They score a goal and get the momentum. We have to be better. We can’t give up that second goal. Other than that, you take the other 59 minutes. I thought our guys played hard and we had our chances. You kind of think that could have gone our way with a break or two.”

On if there is an update on the status of Shea Weber:

“No, just what you found out. It’s a quick turn around and we’ll see how he is and we’ll have to make a decision tomorrow.”

On how you stop the trend of allowing two goals in a short time span:

“You keep telling them. At one point, I don’t know if I am going to have to call a timeout after we get scored on. It is just something that has to get better. We need to be strong and when you get scored on the biggest thing you have to do is push back. Right now it is not happening, so we have to keep working on that.”

Canadiens Defensemen Jordie Benn

On Dallas’ two quick goals at the end of the second period:

“Just that one minute, there. We even talked about it before the third; that we played a good 39 minutes and then in that one minute they popped two quick ones. When you let up, even for a second, on a fairly high-skilled offense, they are going to capitalize. So, they did that and we took it upon ourselves to have a better third and not to just sit back and wait for them to come at us. We wanted to really go after them and we get just got cut a little short tonight.”

On how to explain the quick, successive goals they have been giving up this season:

“I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s just one of those things we have to stop doing.”

Canadiens Goaltender Charlie Lindgren

On if it’s hard to explain the trend of the team giving up quick goals:

“Yeah, it is. Once a team scores they are going to have momentum. We just have to find a way to stop that momentum. It’s tough, they had two goals in 59 seconds and that was the game tonight.”

On if he is satisfied with the way he played tonight:

“I thought tonight I played well. I gave the team a chance to win. But at the end of the day, it’s a loss and now it’s three in a row, or whatever it is. We have to turn that around.”