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Stars-Oilers Postgame Quotes

Here are some quotes following Saturday afternoon’s Dallas Stars-Edmonton Oilers game which the Stars won 6-3. These quotes are provided by Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On Antoine Roussel changing lines:

“I looked at our body language in our fourth game in six nights and I just felt that I had to give us every chance to win the hockey game. I didn’t like our energy at the start, we looked tired and lethargic. Same reason the goalie came out. It had nothing to do with Lehts (Kari Lehtonen), it had everything to do with we were not energized. Then some guys really helped us like (Antoine) Roussel, (Jamie) Oleksiak and (Greg) Pateryn especially.  Stephen) Johns was terrific, guys that needed to elevate the physical part of the game came through for us in a big way. They brought energy to the group and energy to the building and we ended up winning.”

On seeing the team get more scoring participants:

“I think sometimes you get a team where the profile players become the focal point on the ice and off the ice for the team and that’s not necessarily how we’re build. You saw today how we’re built. This is what we’ve got, this is our team. This is the way we’re built and we can really play greasy hockey. We’re going to have to, that’s a hard way to play but it’s effective. We needed more participants in that role and that would open up space for other people and that’s exactly what it did today. It opened up space for others but it doesn’t work in the reverse and there’s too much that has gone on where it has worked on the reverse side where we expected the same people to score and to open up space. We gave them that opportunity. I saw this coming in Florida and I know everybody thought I was too positive yesterday but I saw it in Florida and the same thing in the Tampa game and we saw it tonight for 40-45 minutes which is a good sign.”

On what he liked about the play of Greg Pateryn:

“His physicality at the puck. He’s a hard guy to play against because he’s very determined and very committed. We need more of that, we need more guys harder to play against if we expect to do any damage in the Central Division. We’re not going to wow-factor you. We needed a really greasy team and we’re starting to see that now.”

On the sloppy nature of today’s game:

“It’s what you get when a game is emotional. You’re going to get that and we’ve got to live with that. I don’t mind physicality penalties, although I didn’t like a couple of the hooking penalties or the slashing penalty in the “o” zone. I didn’t like that at all and we’ll clean that up. We’ve got to get as close to the edge as possible if we’re going to be a good team.”

On the play of the goaltenders:

“I thought it was solid. If it wasn’t for Kari Lehtonen at the start of the game then the game is over. This had nothing to do with Kari, we needed a big-time wake up call. We were falling into the abyss again. You look at their third goal and we had three chances to clear it and none of them got out. We got out-battled on pucks, we were starting to go down that path at the end of the period and then started the second period that way again and I’d had enough and we needed a wake-up call.”

On the Stars after twenty games:

“I see a team forging an identity. It’s a process. I’m really enjoying the process because I’m seeing a team emerge. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be very challenging and we’ve got a long way to go. We’ve got some pieces in place that are starting to emerge different from what people we’re looking at. That’s what we felt, that there was more to us than just the high-profile guys. We’re starting to see some of that emerge and, I think, at the end of the day and by the end of the year we’re going to be a really hard team to play against. It’s not going to happen overnight and it’s going to take time. We’ve got to stay in the fight like we’re going right now.  The one thing that bothers me that we’ve got to get away from are the implosions we saw in Carolina and Tampa. It had nothing to do with our compete level and everything to do with our decision making with the puck. We’ve got to convince the guys that we can play and win hockey if we lower the risk.  In both games we amped up the risk and it really hurt us. We’ve got to get away from that old way of thinking and if we do, I think we’ll be okay.”

On whether today’s game was a big step in the right direction:

“Huge step. This is four games in six nights with a lot of travel and a lot of hockey and to play that hard is a big step.”

Stars Forward Antoine Roussel

On how important this game was after the road trip:

“It was awesome to play. Everybody came up strong and we had a hell of a start to the game. That was a huge two points from us.”

On his play in today’s game:

“It was fun. It was fun to play and I got the chance to play with two great players [Jamie Benn and Alexander Radulov] and just play a simple game. Sometimes you get good things that happen with that.”

On what he saw leading up to his goal today:

“I just tried to go wide and the goalie started moving, so I took a little bit of a chance there.”

On playing on a line with Alexander Radulov and how he seemed to fit with another high energy type of player:

“Playing with [Alexander] Radulov and [Jamie] Benn is a great experience. Every time you get a chance to play with those guys you have to ramp up the intensity and play simple and go to the net and good things happen. That’s exactly what happened tonight.”

Stars Forward Devin Shore

On getting his first goal of the season tonight:

“Felt really good. It’s always fun to score. It’s fun to help your team and that game had a lot of emotion to it. I think [my goal] tied it up – it’s a good feeling. You’re able to enjoy it more after because we won. The boys played great tonight and it was great to be a part of it.”

On how the goal helps his confidence:

“It’s good for the confidence, I think. The things I worry about are not getting the puck out as a winger on the boards, or not creating chances. If the chances aren’t there you’re starting to worry. There’s a lot of different ways you can affect the outcome of a game besides scoring goals. But you just trust it if you keep doing the right things, whether it takes 50 games or the next one, usually things have a way of working it out. You just tell yourself all the time to just try to play the right way and not worry about that stuff. Let it take care of itself.”

On why the game was emotional:

“We talked a little bit about it before the game, it’s just two desperate teams. It was an important game for both teams, and I thought it was a good hockey game. The energy was good and they had pushes and we had pushes. Like I said, it was a great game.”

Oilers Head Coach Todd McLellan

On momentum changes in the game:

“We were in a good situation, they continued to come after us. I thought we spent far too much time in the penalty box, which changed the momentum throughout the game. I think we had 12 minutes in the box. We couldn’t get any traction after we got the lead, and that played an impact on it. They stuck with it a little bit longer than we did. They scored some ugly goals, but those all count and, as a result, we’re on the losing end.”

On Oilers captain Connor McDavid’s line scoring and giving up goals:

“That’s the way it turned out, but that wasn’t the plan. They went against a tough opponent in [Stars captain Jamie] Benn for most of the night. We took advantage of some of our offensive opportunities, but obviously not enough in the defensive zone, so we’ve got to clean that up team-wide.”

On performance of Oilers forward Drake Caggiula:

“I thought he played well, he was able to keep up and had some pace with Connor [McDavid]. Defensively, that line will have to clean some things up, but they were dangerous.”

Oilers Captain Connor McDavid

On the momentum swinging back to the Stars:

“We were just controlling the middle better, we were getting pucks in behind them and working them in their zone. We kind of got away from that.”

On getting back in the game:

“It was different, they are obviously a good starting team. Real good in the first period, they came out flying and we were able to battle back. They obviously found a way to swing back their way.” 

On getting chances on special teams:

“We did, we had our looks. We had a few plays that you look for and we needed it, but we did not finish, and that’s what it is about.”

Oilers Defenseman Adam Larsson

On what happened after coming back that turned the game around:

“I don’t know. We had some tough bounces. It just seems to end up on their stick all the time. There’s a fine line between winning and losing.”

On the team’s play:

“I thought we did a lot of good things today. The penalty kill was excellent. The power play has some good looks. That’s how it goes.”

On trying to find a way to win close games:

“I think every game the last two weeks has been close, but we just have to find a way to win the game. It doesn’t matter how it looks, we need points and that is where we’re at right now.”