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Stars-Avalanche Postgame Quotes

Here are some quotes following Saturday’s Dallas Stars-Colorado Avalanche game which the Stars won 3-1. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

On if he felt different about his team after tonight’s game:

“We’ve played five games. I’ve felt the same about this team in every game, and that is that I am really going to enjoy the process of a team that wants to have the knowledge the get better. This is a team that is hungry for the knowledge, and my job is to keep them task-oriented, but keep the process moving along. Whatever would’ve happened today; if we would’ve lost I would’ve been really disappointed because we’re pouring so much into it right now. We’ve done that since the very first game. We have had lapses at times, but every team has had lapses. Nobody’s played, from what I have watched, at the level we’ve played at all year, yet our record doesn’t show that. I really trust the process that these guys are going through and I really trust the players. I think this is a wonderful group that wants to learn and we have lots there, but we have a lot to learn. The step today, for me, was how we played when it went 2-1. We dug in and played really hard, and that’s the next step for me.”

On the Tyler Seguin fight and how his teammates were enthused by it:

“Well this is what a number one center has to do. The big thing for me was that he did all of those things, but he did it against the other team’s best players. We had him matched on the best players, so he played against the other team’s best players and was a plus player in the game. He stood up and fought. He did everything we wanted him to do and the big thing for me was that he skated with the puck. He wanted the puck in the middle of the ice and he wanted to transport it, which is the next step for a one. That’s what a one or two has to do. They have to be able to carry the puck through the middle of the ice on exits and enters and he is starting to understand that.”

On Devin Shore’s game and if it was an important game for him:

“We have a lot of players like [Devin] Shore who I really like their games right now. For them; I wish they could score. I wish we could get secondary scoring so they would feel like all of the work they are putting in is worth it. They have had great scoring chances and wonderful opportunities, and it hasn’t gone in. For them, and for us later on, we are going to need those guys to score. But, as far as doing the things right and doing it with conviction; we have a lot of guys like Devin [Shore] who are doing a heck of a job. For me, he is the most versatile player on the team. He is a guy that can play on any three positions in any situation. He is on the power play, he kills penalties and he plays on a top line. He is doing all of the things, but for him I’d like to see him have success. You want to see a guy get rewarded for all of the work he is putting in.”

On what he thought of the Marc Methot and John Klingberg pair tonight:

“It was a good pair tonight. It was a really good pair. I thought [Stephen] Johns, playing where he played, had one of his best games. So, to me, Stephen Johns is taking big steps right now. You can see it at practice and you can see it at the games. He is taking big steps right now.”

On Ben Bishop’s play on the power play and how he is able to stop other teams from making a change:

“Well, we have to better at that. Not Ben [Bishop], but we weren’t ready for that. We had a breakaway and a two-on-one off of that, but we weren’t ready for it. We were lollygagging at the bench and going and diving in the wrong gate and diving in the offside gate. We have not practiced that and none of us, including me, were ready for it. I was looking to get other guys on the ice and next thing you know we are looking at a two-on-one breakaway. So, it’s going to be a big part for us and we have to be more ready for it.”

Stars Captain Jamie Benn

On his assessment of Tyler Seguin and Patrik Nemeth’s fight tonight:

“I thought it was pretty good. Obviously things got a bit rough out there. I like when he steps up and does something like that. I told him after the game that, you know, it feels good when all his teammates are coming up to him and tapping him on the knee pads and on the shoulders. You know we all respect a good fight, especially from somebody who doesn’t fight often.”

On the game looking similar to previous losses, but being on the “right side” of this one:

“It feels good. They’re a good team. They were coming on pretty good in the third period. I liked that we got the job done tonight and closed it out. We stuck to our game plan and played the right way and played simple, especially with less then 10 minutes left. When you’re up a goal or two it feels good to close it out.”

On what he saw on his goal:

“I just kind of read off the defenseman. Kind of looking at him and seeing his gap and felt like he gave me a little too much room so I decided to shoot.”

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin

On the fight with Patrik Nemeth tonight:

“I don’t know, a couple shoves then he kind of dropped them. Just two guys competing.”

When was your last fight?

“That I dropped my gloves? I don’t know, never really. I got jumped a couple times in juniors. Yeah, I mean just competing, just played, didn’t really think much of it. Just trying to compete.”

On his goal at the end of the second period and if he was aware of how much time was left:

“I peeked when it was, I don’t know, six or seven seconds left. So, when [Devin] Shore got it to me, I was just trying to get it off as fast as I could. Heck of a pass, especially when he knows the period is about to end as well. You know, it was a good timed goal for us. Literally.”

On if there was concern as this game went a long that you were letting them hang around too long and you did not do the things that you talked about doing:

“I think the game we were in tonight we’ve been in before a few times. You know where we finish the night saying that was a good goalie but we made him look even better. So, tonight was a night where we’re just really happy to finish them off and we played hard pretty much the whole game. Big two points for us; big bounce back game and you know keep it rolling here.”

On playing on the penalty kill and it being perfect tonight:

“It’s really just the first year that I’ve really gotten an opportunity. I’ve thought about it a little in the past, but not that much about penalty killing. I’ve just never really been a guy looked at to penalty kill. I always thought in the back of my mind I’d be good at it. With more time out there I feel more confident. I’ve been doing it and coach has been really good with me, with extra video and learning everything. Obviously Jamie is a good penalty killer, and he’s out there talking to me after every shift. I’m feeling comfortable out there.”

On if he ever thought he’d be a candidate for a Gordie Howe Hat trick:

“No. I didn’t even realize it was a Gordie Howe Hat Trick until they said it after the three stars. So, that’s a first. Might hash tag it tonight.” 

Avalanche Head Coach Jared Bednar

On if the back-to-back affected the players:

“We’re not going to make any excuses, but I didn’t like the way we skated in the first two periods. Not just the way we skated, but our energy was down. We just weren’t as competitive with the puck as we were in previous games, and then we found it in the third period and doubled our shot total that we had from the first forty minutes with only one power play. We just didn’t have our stuff for the first forty minutes. I’ll give our team credit, I love the way we answered back in the third period. We got real competitive, we got stronger on pucks and went more to the net. The power play looked a little bit better. I think it’s just one of those things where we’ve got to make sure you can’t have any lapses in forty minutes. We’re playing a hungry team that’s 1-3, at home, digging in, in desperate need of a win. We just weren’t as desperate tonight.”

On their special teams tonight:

“The penalty kill was great. You’re playing a dangerous power play in Dallas. They’re going to get the odd chance, we put the chances where we wanted them to come from. We killed the 5-on-3. On their goal, they tracked down a loose puck. We’re on the way to get the clear on the boards and it stays in and we’re battling. We’re doing everything we can do to keep it out of the middle of the ice and they find the one-timer for Seguin. It was a hard-working penalty kill tonight. The power play on the other side, I just felt like we didn’t have the pace we needed for the execution. Whether that was our breakout or in the zone, we were just moving the puck a little bit too slow. We just weren’t thinking one step ahead tonight.”

On the upcoming day off and game against Nashville

“We need it. The guys have been playing hard here. The day off is something that they definitely need, they need their rest. We’ll regroup, we know Nashville. It’s a tough building, a really good team – very similar to tonight’s circumstances. But we’ll be rested, we’ll get a day of practice to adjust some things and where we go.”

Avalanche Forward Nathan MacKinnon

On the loss tonight:

“Our power play was really bad tonight. We didn’t play a good first 40 minutes. We had a decent third, but it’s tough to come back in this league against a team like that.”

On the focus going in to tonight’s game:

“We just wanted to open strong and we didn’t do that. We knew that they’d be hungry and they didn’t get off to the best start ever. We have more to give, and hopefully we can win on Tuesday.”

On how they plan to regroup before their next game against Nashville:

“I think we have some time, which is nice, before going to Nashville. We get to spend some time together as a team. We are happy with our start but are not satisfied. We want to build on it.”