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Survey results: You pick the Western Conference playoff teams

Here are the results of the survey I put up last weekend asking readers to pick the eight playoff teams in the Western Conference.

No surprise that readers were high on the Stars and their offseason moves. The Stars did well in the survey. Not as well as the Edmonton Oilers, who ended up scoring the highest.

On the scoring, I gave 5 points to teams if they received first place votes in their division, 4 points for second place and 3 points for third place. Teams received 2 points for being the first wild card team and 1 point for being the second wild card team.

No team was a unanimous choice to make the playoffs. The only team not to receive a playoff mention was Colorado.

Incomplete ballots were tossed out. There were a lot of people who looked at the survey, but only one in five actually voted. There were just under 300 complete ballots.

Here’s the tally. The Pacific Division is listed first since the Oilers were tops in the survey.

RkPacific DivisionPoints
1Edmonton Oilers1272
2Anaheim Ducks1163
3San Jose Sharks576
RkCentral DivisionPoints
1Dallas Stars1190
2Nashville Predators1159
3Chicago Blackhawks721
RkWild CardPoints
1St. Louis Blues558
2Calgary Flames511
3Minnesota Wild462
4Los Angeles Kings261
5Winnipeg Jets123
6Arizona Coyotes29
7Vegas Golden Knights15
8Vancouver Canucks6
9Colorado Avalanche0