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Stars unveil new uniform for 2017-18

The Stars and the other 30 NHL teams unveiled their new jerseys for the 2017-18 season in Las Vegas Wednesday night. Here’s a look at the new Dallas home and road jerseys and the below explaining the changes.

The National Hockey League (NHL®) and adidas today unveiled the new ADIZERO Authentic NHL jerseys and uniforms for all 31 NHL teams, including the Dallas Stars, which will make their on-ice debut with the 2017-18 season.

At the forefront of innovation, design and craftsmanship, the new ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey takes the hockey uniform system and hockey jersey silhouette to the next level by redefining fit, feel and lightweight construction.

  • Lighter – Featuring new cresting materials and construction technology, the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey reduces crest weight by up to 46%, while a single layer perforated numbering system reduces number weight by up to 60%, in order to deliver a new jersey that is up to 19% lighter when compared to the current NHL Jersey.
  • Cooler – The ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey features adidas Clima® technology in each of the jersey fabrics to deliver breathability and enhanced performance. Combining moisture management technology and a streamlined silhouette to maximize air flow circulation with materials that are up to 133% more permeable than fabrics currently used on ice allows athletes to be cooler.
  • Stronger – Constructed for durability, the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey fabrics are up to 27% stronger in burst testing and up to 72% tougher in abrasion testing compared to the current NHL jersey.

adidas worked meticulously with the Dallas Stars to respectfully preserve the team’s current uniform identity when moving to the new ADIZERO technology platform.

“It was crucial to our team that the look of this jersey did not stray from our re-design in 2013,” said Dallas Stars President and CEO Jim Lites.  “We worked closely with the League and the adidas design team to ensure that the colors, striping and construction mirrored our current design as closely as possible given the new technology and silhouette.  Consistency to our original Victory Green design was key to the project.”

“Specifically created for elite performance, we’ve designed the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jerseys to deliver advanced innovation and technical design for the world’s best hockey players,” said Dan Near, Head of adidas Hockey. “We build products for the creator athlete. Our mission is to help athletes perform better and we look forward to making our on-ice debut this season with the new Lighter, Cooler, and Stronger adidas Hockey ADIZERO Authentic NHL jerseys.”

“We’re excited for the fans and players to see the innovation and performance features that adidas put into creating the new jerseys,” said Brian Jennings, NHL Chief Brand Officer & Executive Vice President. “To play at their highest levels, the game’s greatest players require the best technology and design available, and these adidas jerseys set a new benchmark for performance gear.”

“Adidas is a brand recognized worldwide for innovation and technology investment, creating constant innovation in high performance apparel,” said NHLPA Chief of Global Business Strategies, Sandra Monteiro. “The Players are excited to partner with adidas, creating a new milestone in hockey apparel, bringing edge, innovation and premium design to the game, specifically focused on their performance.”


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  1. Travis C
    Travis C June 20, 2017 10:04 pm

    Not a fan at all. Two steps forward with the 2013 redesign, one step back now. Unnecessary “technology” on a hockey jersey, sacrificing look. The collar is horrid, the perforated looking (or dots) numbers are equally as horrid. They look like a band-aid, or even a pad. No thanks Adidas/NHL/ and unfortunately, Dallas Stars.

    • Sports On Notice
      Sports On Notice June 21, 2017 8:23 am

      You’re the kind of person that would look at a mostly sunny day with temps in the mid 70’s and whine about how much we need the rain, aren’t you?

      • Travis C
        Travis C June 21, 2017 10:22 am

        That depends. Are we talking 70 farenheit or 70 celcius? I’m in Canada so if it’s celcius, then yes.

        If I’m spending that much money on a jersey, and the NHL adds these changes expecting to receive my money, I’ll critique it, and I’m not a fan of these.

        • Sports On Notice
          Sports On Notice June 21, 2017 12:14 pm

          That really makes you special. I hope that fills your life with worth, because clearly not much else does. Both the jersey thing and the pedantry. Bravo.

          There is nothing that changed in the broad sense, so you went in and picked nits, and acted all huffy about minor and barely noticeable changes and pretended like the NHL or the Dallas Stars need you or your Canadian money. Its the same jersey with an adidasy flair. No one’s feeling are going to be hurt if you don’t buy one.

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